Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cousin EmiLee, snot and a monkey face...

Today Maddie's cousin EmiLee is spending the night with us. Maddie considers EmiLee her best friend. She absolutely adores her! EmiLee is ten and is so very sweet to Maddie and they get along great! I've only seen them twice today and that's because they wanted food! :)

Maddie & EmiLee

Since Kayleigh is gone Maddie will be going to TCC with me everyday for three straight weeks. As you know I go in the mornings and take Fletcher to school and for our walk afterwards. Maddie loves to go to school with Fletcher but in all honesty he can't get much done because of all sissy's 'help'. Today when we walked in she found a chair with her name and picture on it. Fletcher's teacher knows that she'll be with me so they have set up the computer for her to play on and watch DVD's. Do you get how sweet that is? They so don't have to make provisions for her, but they have! I love his teachers and therapists they are amazing people and I'm so grateful for each one of them.

One of Fletcher's friends got him this t-shirt. It says, 'Dude, your girlfriend keeps checking me out!' I LOVE t-shirts that have funny sayings on them. Maddie had one when she was about three and it said, 'I make stuff up'. Too funny!

Apparently Fletcher can wipe his own nose. I didn't know this so I've been wiping it for him for sometime now. But now I'm on to him!:) The second video is Fletcher making what my girls call a 'monkey face'. I'm probably not being a good mom by one, videoing it in the first place and secondly, posting it on my blog for the world to see! Although he was sad it's the cutest thing ever! Sometimes he makes that face when he gets jealous. Today one of the RT's was talking to Maddie and I looked down at Fletcher and there it was the monkey face. He does get over it quickly!


Anonymous said...

Aww. I love his shirt! Haha. That is too cute.
And that picture of Maddie on the back of the chair is SO cute! She is adorable.

Kristin's Blog said...

That Fletcher is so smart! I love your videos!! I remember when he used to hold his breath to make the vent beep so we would come in his room and play with him! Right when we would get in there, he would resume breathing and smile really big! By the way, Maddie is so beautiful! What a great big sis for helping Bubba!

oda41143 Missy said...

That shirt rocks. I love that Maddie wants to help Fletcher and be a part of his life. TCC seems to be a very loving place. That has to warm your heart tremendously.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for the place that the Lord provided Fletcher. I can't imagine a better solution. I enjoyed Kristen's blog story about he holding his breath. What a tool! I'm not sure that I can define a monkey face, both videos were darling - but was I interpreting correctly that he was NOT through eating, despite Mommy's determination? Poor boy's hungry! Garrett (my son, not husband) showed up with a black T-shirt with big white letters that said "FREE BREAST EXAMS." I'll donte it to TCC. Fletcher could use it to wipe his nose. Love much, Janet Lalli