Friday, August 29, 2008

Here it is...

Today class was cancelled for Fletcher. I didn't tell him but he noticed our routine was different. Meaning I wasn't getting his chair ready with the oxygen, portable pulse ox, his ambu bag and extra trach. He got really mad and nothing I offered or said would calm him down. And I have seen him madder than this! Anyhoo, I decided to video it. The good thing about these tantrums is that it shows how strong he is and it proves the fight he's got in him! So, I praise the Lord for Fletcher's orneriness! Just so you know it took about two time outs and he was over it and we had a fabulous time together today! I did get two separate phone calls today from TCC. Fletcher's trach came out both times they called me! He plays with the ventilator tubing and messes with breathing treatments so they tie the tubing to his rail. Well, he's really trying to roll over these days and I guess it came out then! YIKES! I told them to tell him he couldn't come home on Monday if he's gonna do stuff like that!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun times...

Fletcher just might be the cutest boy, ever! We had a great time in class today. He's learning so much. Counting, coloring and he now knows the sign for 'book'! He loves to be read to and to turn pages so it's a very appropriate sign for him to know. He's also signing 'yes'. Fletcher is getting smarter everyday and I'm very thankful for his teachers and therapist. They're the best! Fletcher is, however having some HUGE temper tantrums lately. If he doesn't get his way or what he wants at the very second he wants it watch out! He cries, he hits, he raises his legs up in the air and claps his feet together (which is actually pretty hilarious) all the while shaking his head no. Dude. This kid has a bad temper! I keep saying I'm going to video it just so you all can see this kid in action. It's so frustrating because I really don't know what to do when he gets like that. Let's be realistic I can't spank him, I can't send him to his room or even ground him! So, I've been pulling his privacy curtain and putting him in 'time out' I'm not sure that's working! One of the counselors at TCC came to observe him to see if she could give me any tips and he was a perfect angel. She fell in love with him. UGH! So we'll see what happens.

Maddie is enjoying first grade. It's been quite an adjustment for her. She normally takes a two to three hour nap everyday and first grade has changed all that. I volunteer in her classroom on Tuesday mornings and wow...that class is wild! I was there for two hours and wow. I have added her teacher to my prayer list. I honestly don't think I could be with that group ALL day! She deserves a medal or a nice, big margarita! I went to parent orientation tonight for Maddie's Daisy group (Girl Scouts) and somehow I'm the class helper! Why can't I just say no? Surely someone else can help! It's my own fault so don't listen to me complain! :)

High school is going pretty well for Miss Kayleigh. So far her favorite things are lunch and walking home with her friends. That girl is very social so it's no surprise to me that English and Math aren't at the top of her list! :) At least she's enjoying it, right?

Things are very busy around here with school, church, me volunteering for everything...and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Maybe it seems busy because we're trying to get back into a routine over here. I don't know...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Third Annual Treble Makers....

Today was the Third Annual Treble Makers concert. This concert is always so much fun. Fletcher's little group, the kids he goes to class with each day, did the hand motions to 'Twinkle, Twinkle' and 'Eensy Weensy Spider'. They also played their lollipop drums to 'Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog' and it was so cute. And listen for Maddie's singing. She was standing on a chair next to me belting out Twinkle, Twinkle and Eensy Weensy Spider!

Fletcher finished the last of his first round of Pamidronate treatments. He did so well that next time they will do it in three consecutive days instead of spreading it out over three weeks. He didn't seem to have much pain since they gave him tylenol every four hours. Thanks so much for praying. We won't know if it's working until we do a dexascan (measures bone density) and we'll do that in a year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome baby Kate...

My niece Amber and her husband Matt had their third child today, sweet Kate Olivia. She weigh 5lbs 12oz and19 inches and she's just beautiful! Maddie and I went up after her ballet class and saw this wonderful family of five. Everyone is doing well the boys are very excited to take their baby sister home. I asked Ryan tonight what it was like to finally be a big brother and he promptly told me he was still little! Congratulations you guys! We love you!

Matt, Amber, Gabe, Ryan and Kate
Me and Kate Amber, Kate and Maddie
Ryan, Gabe and Maddie

Kaleb and Kate

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day on the second day...

Craig has always wanted all of us to get up at the same time and have breakfast together. And I'm pretty sure it's never happened. For the past three years Kayleigh had to be on the bus at 6:45 am and Mr. and Mrs. Burns in all honesty are not morning people! We always got up to tell Kayleigh good morning, have a great day and good bye! I would wake Maddie up at 7:00 and rush her around all morning so she could be at school at 7:50. I always had to be dressed and ready (no taking her in my pj's and dropping her off) because I would have to walk her in every morning. Craig would leave each morning at 7:30. It was very hectic and I know, pretty pathetic when I really stop and think about it. Well, it's a new season here at Casa Burns. Kayleigh doesn't have to be at school until 8:20. And yesterday morning we all had a wonderful breakfast together. Craig took Kayleigh to a friend's house and she rode to school with two of her BFF's. Since it is not cool for a mom to walk their freshman kid into school she walked in with her friends. Kayleigh had a great first day. She was nervous for the first part and after lunch she was fine. She doesn't have many classes her her close friends but they all have the same lunch so that's great! I took Maddie to school, walked her to class and got some first day of school pictures and helped her teacher by putting up and labeling school supplies. I stayed as long as I could! Maddie was a little anxious and wanted me to stay the whole day. Of course I finally left. As I was walking to my car I realized the I wouldn't pick her up in just few hours. She would be there all day! I called Craig and cried like a baby! I think first grade was worse than Kindergarten for me! I didn't know I would be that emotional but it was horrible for me! I have talked to other moms and they felt the same way. But, they say in a couple of weeks I'll be over it! All in all it was a great first day for both my girls. We're still having a hard time getting back to our routine.

Making the toast
Scrambling some eggs
Isn't she beautiful?

Maddie and Mrs. Johnson

Fletcher's treatment went well yesterday. All his numbers were good but they'll continue to do blood work for several days just to keep an eye on him. He was a little grumpy today and by the time I left this afternoon he was completely mad at me! Craig had the same experience with him tonight. I went up around 7:30 and he was so happy to see me! He's so moody these days! But, I really enjoyed my time with him. He's so fun when he wants to be! Thanks for praying things are going well! I'm gonna close for tonight. Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tomorrow's the day...

I will have a freshman in high school and a first grader! OMG! How did they get so big so fast?!

Wednesday at 6am Fletcher will have his second pamidronate treatment. It will run through his central line for twelve hours. It will be another day of not getting to hold him! :( He wasn't able to do the treatment last Wednesday because his phosphorus was too high so they wanted to give it time to level out. It did and we're a go for tomorrow. We'd appreciate your prayers!

I'm going to close for now. I'll post tomorrow with first day of school pics! TTYL!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just a blinkin'...

Craig has been working with Fletcher trying to get him to blink when you ask him. Well, last week Fletcher started blinking on command and it is hilarious! This boy is soooo funny! Enjoy! That's all I got for now!

Silly boy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Too busy...

Well, things are crazy around here. The girls and I had a great time on our trip. It's always so much fun to visit Craig's Aunt Susie. She's just one of those people I love to be around she's oh so funny! My girls adore her and so do I! We shopped, stayed up way too late and ate way too much! But it was a blast! Any of you who know me know I'm very protective of my girls. I've been working on not being so controlling and letting Kayleigh do more things with her friends. While we were in Houston she went to the movies, shopping and to Sonic for cokes with her cousins without an adult! She had so much fun and I'm sure enjoyed doing teenager things! It was a big weekend for both of us!

Maddie, me, Aunt Susie and Kayleigh

Devon, Caylee (Devon's friend), Kayleigh and Megan

Maddie posing in a store window

On Wednesday Fletcher passed the torch for the third annual TCC Olympics. This has become a tradition for Fletcher as he has been a part of the torch run all three years. TCC Olympics are always fun. Fletcher 'competed' in four events this year Smilemania where he got a gold medal and set a record of twenty smiles in 30 seconds! In Pipe Wars he had to throw a ping pong ball and he placed first and got his second gold medal! At the Demolition and Roll a Baby game he somehow came in third for both winning two bronze medals. Way to go Fletcher!

I think Fletcher is mad at his mommy. He threw quite a fit yesterday when we rolled into the gym where the Olympics were being held. His teachers and aides pulled out every trick they knew to get him to calm down. After he was nice and calm he competed in his events, but whenever he saw me he would throw a fit! In the video below you can see a little bit of his attitude during the demolition game. He was perfectly fine the moment he couldn't see me! He's really being a toot right now. The other video is just of Fletcher in school trying to use scissors. Pretty cute!

Fletcher and the Demolition game

Using scissors!

Today Kayleigh had freshman orientation. My Kayleigh is going to be in high school. Next week. Oh my goodness! She really had a good time today at 'Panther Palooza' she was able to see a lot of her friends. We picked up her schedule, paid for lunches, paid dues, paid for a yearbook and paid for a SUN pass. WOW! High school is going be expensive! But it sounds like it's going be fun! I'm praying she enjoys high school, finds her niche and really gives her best in everything she does. It's time to be serious about school and start thinking about college.

We're still waiting to hear from Maddie's teacher. I'm hoping she has a teacher that loves teaching and children. Maddie will be in first grade! My little shopping buddy is going to be in school all day long. What will I do with my afternoons? I'm going to miss that time but I'm sure Fletcher will fill up some of it! Need to go for now! Have a great weekend!