Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day on the second day...

Craig has always wanted all of us to get up at the same time and have breakfast together. And I'm pretty sure it's never happened. For the past three years Kayleigh had to be on the bus at 6:45 am and Mr. and Mrs. Burns in all honesty are not morning people! We always got up to tell Kayleigh good morning, have a great day and good bye! I would wake Maddie up at 7:00 and rush her around all morning so she could be at school at 7:50. I always had to be dressed and ready (no taking her in my pj's and dropping her off) because I would have to walk her in every morning. Craig would leave each morning at 7:30. It was very hectic and I know, pretty pathetic when I really stop and think about it. Well, it's a new season here at Casa Burns. Kayleigh doesn't have to be at school until 8:20. And yesterday morning we all had a wonderful breakfast together. Craig took Kayleigh to a friend's house and she rode to school with two of her BFF's. Since it is not cool for a mom to walk their freshman kid into school she walked in with her friends. Kayleigh had a great first day. She was nervous for the first part and after lunch she was fine. She doesn't have many classes her her close friends but they all have the same lunch so that's great! I took Maddie to school, walked her to class and got some first day of school pictures and helped her teacher by putting up and labeling school supplies. I stayed as long as I could! Maddie was a little anxious and wanted me to stay the whole day. Of course I finally left. As I was walking to my car I realized the I wouldn't pick her up in just few hours. She would be there all day! I called Craig and cried like a baby! I think first grade was worse than Kindergarten for me! I didn't know I would be that emotional but it was horrible for me! I have talked to other moms and they felt the same way. But, they say in a couple of weeks I'll be over it! All in all it was a great first day for both my girls. We're still having a hard time getting back to our routine.

Making the toast
Scrambling some eggs
Isn't she beautiful?

Maddie and Mrs. Johnson

Fletcher's treatment went well yesterday. All his numbers were good but they'll continue to do blood work for several days just to keep an eye on him. He was a little grumpy today and by the time I left this afternoon he was completely mad at me! Craig had the same experience with him tonight. I went up around 7:30 and he was so happy to see me! He's so moody these days! But, I really enjoyed my time with him. He's so fun when he wants to be! Thanks for praying things are going well! I'm gonna close for tonight. Have a great Friday!


oda41143 Missy said...

Kayleigh is very beautiful!! Maddie is adorable. Cooper starts school next week and I've been a crying mess myself!! Maybe we can help each other.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family you are so blessed with...and as always, they are so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy! I hope you get what a gift you are to them...lots of kids go to school alone and come home and are alone. No crying mommies...sometimes no mommies at all! Enjoy your are so special!
love you friend, KeriJo

David said...

Thanks for sharing the joy of your week and for inspiring me with all of your blogs. You all have an amazing story, and I can see God in everything you share.

DJ starts high school in a week.... that chunky little guy you first loved on over 10 years ago is quite the young man now. Both my daughters are in middle school now and my youngest guy wraps up elementary school this year.

Enjoy every moment...

Blessings to you all.