Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One hundred boxes and la la la...

Well, it's time for Girl Scout cookies! And our Daisy, Maddie is working on selling her first 100 boxes. So far she's sold 80 boxes and that's since Saturday! She's quite a saleswoman, too! Since she was out of school Monday I took her to TCC , made Fletcher an honorary Girl Scout and loaded the cookies up on his wheelchair. We strolled the halls and sure enough we were able to sell quite a few boxes and we're not done yet! We haven't even hit up the grandparents or neighbors! :) We committed to selling 200 boxes and I think that's going to be a breeze. Surely we'll end up selling more than that. So, if you need some cookies let us know...

First 100 boxes

The other day I was reading "Moo Baa and La la la" to Fletcher, one of his current favorites and I asked him to say la la la and he did it!!! Now, he didn't make any noise but he moved his jaw and tongue appropriately! It was so cute I had to get it on video! I love this boy! He is such a blessing and so much fun to be around! Enjoy...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Three days...

Tuesday Fletcher began his second round of Pamidronate. This time they'll administer it for three days in a row, twelve hours each day. You might remember last time they were very cautious only giving it to him once a week for three weeks. Fletcher did great! He has been in the best mood and we've had lots of fun the last few days. Praise the Lord for that! They gave him Tylenol every four hours to head off any pain that he might experience and I think it helped a lot! The next thing they'll do is a Dexascan, which is basically a full body x-ray that measures bone density. So we'll know if the Pamidronate is working. I really believe it is. Fletcher has gotten so strong in the last six months. He's rolling from his back to his tummy and back to his back. You should see his face when he gets on his tummy. You can tell he knows he's accomplished something pretty neat! It's a whole new world on his tummy. And I believe with all my heart that 2009 is the year Fletcher Samuel Burns is going to sit up without assistance! Do you know how much freedom that would give him? To see everything that's going on in his unit would be such a blessing for him. I'm praying each day that he'll be able to sit up on his own. The Lord has answered my prayers that Fletcher's arms, legs, back and neck would be strengthened. He's making so much progress! Well, it's late. I just wanted to give you all a little update on our boy. Here's a little video from the other day that I think is kind of fun. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kayleigh...

Look who's 15! My sweet Kayleigh turned 15 yesterday! She's growing up too fast! Maddie and I baked and decorated a cake for her. I made whatever she wanted for dinner and she chose potato soup. I also made tuna patties and peas to go with it. Kayleigh just ate the soup, two servings actually! Kayleigh is my picky eater but when she likes something she really likes it! And it usually has potatoes or pasta or chicken! Kayleigh wants to go to the movies with a few friends as her party. It seems strange not to be planning a party for her but she is 15 and she knows what she wants to do. Oh well, there's always next year...sweet 16!! Surely I get to plan a party for that!

The birthday girl


She couldn't believe she got them all in one blow!

The cake..cute, huh?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So loved...

Yesterday we brought Fletcher home for his birthday celebration. He's never celebrated his birthday in our home. What a wonderful day! We had over 60 people come join us in celebrating the gift of Fletcher! It was amazing! We had friends from Tulsa, family from Houston and a friend from Alaska. Pretty cool, huh? This year as I thought about a theme for Fletcher's birthday I asked myself, 'what does Fletcher love?' Well he loves a lot of things but he has a passion for balls! Foot balls, base balls, soccer balls any thing he can throw is a jackpot for him! So, I decided on a ball theme and it turned out great! A friend of mine made this incredible cake that had a foot ball, base ball, soccer ball and basket ball on it. It was so cute! He loved opening packages.

When Fletcher was home on Christmas I tried to get him to sit in his high chair. Well, that went over like lead balloon. I thought he'd enjoy sitting up and seeing everything around him. He hated that highchair and did not sit in it all day. I was determined on his birthday not to let him lay in bed all day. So, I put him in the highchair and he fussed at first but somehow he got distracted and I don't think he remembered he hated the chair! He stayed in it for probably 2 hours! Our friends were able to see him action and he could see everything and everybody!

We want to thank all you who came to the party and those of you who wanted to but couldn't. Our lives are forever changed because of Fletcher, as I know your lives are also. Thank you for being the body of Christ to our family these past 4 years. Though we've had our ups and downs the Lord has shown Himself to us so many times and in so many ways and through so many of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving my family the way you do! Be blessed, be a blessing!