Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okay so this is May...

So it's June 17th and I'm posting for May. We'll start with Mother's Day. The Saturday before Mother's Day my sweet sister ,Dawn had a luncheon in her home to honor our mom. It was very nice and we had a lot of fun being together. My niece Amber was there as well. So much fun! On Mother's Day one thing that I wanted was to take Fletcher to church with us and then home to spend the day. It was fabulous as always to have my little family under one roof.

Kim, me, Mom, Paula and Dawn

Kayleigh, me, Fletcher and Maddie

Just my kiddos

On May 16th we had a huge hail storm here in Oklahoma City. We had minimal damage to our home, but Craig's car was totalled in the storm. We decided to keep his car and fix the damage done to it and have another car paid in full. Wahoo! We also got a new roof at no cost to us. Another wahoo! And added about $10,ooo value to Casa Burns!

Casa Burns after the storm

Another event that happened in May was my 45th birthday. WOW! It's really hard to believe I'm approaching the big 5-0, but I am. It was a great day filled with love, flowers, sweet phone calls and dinner at one of my favorite places, Outback.

one of my favorite birthday gifts...

One of the BIGGEST events in May was my Maddie turned 8! She had her first slumber party which went pretty well. Who knew 8 year olds would have drama! We endured some crying and pouting and the occasional 'I'm bored' but all in all it was a great party. Another thing Maddie really wanted for her birthday, since it was on a Sunday was for Fletcher to go to church and come home. We totally accommodated her in that wish! We invited our families over as well and enjoyed ice cream and cake and lots of presents!

Maddie age 8

the slumber party girls

Lastly, we celebrated another fabulous milestone in the Burns family. Kayleigh now has her very own car! We went to a few car lots and looked at some cars for our sweet Kayleigh. She is now the proud owner of a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix! I think this is super neat seeing how my first car was a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix! She loves it and is having lots of fun in her car owning, driving around independence!

signing the paper work

Kayleigh and her first car

I'll leave you with a few videos of the boy! Enjoy! He's 'talking' so much these days and really doing so well in physical therapy!