Friday, March 26, 2010


So I didn’t blog in February and I’m barely making it for March!!! Things are going well around Casa Burns just busy! Seems as if every aspect of our lives are busy kids, school, church, dance, Girl Scouts, TCC etc.

Kayleigh’s finishing up her sophomore year and it’s been a good year for her. She’ll also take her driver’s test at the end of April and will be driving!!! Kayleigh tried out for Choral in January and made it! She’ll have about 4 performances in the next two months. We’re looking forward to watching her perform. Kayleigh spent spring break in Mississippi with her grandparents and came home to SNOW! Yes, it snowed the first day of spring in Oklahoma City. We have had some crazy weather this winter.

Madeline is keeping me busy as well. She’s finishing up 2nd grade and will be 8 in May! This is has been a great year for her, too. At her last conference her teacher said she’s ready for 3rd grade! ‘We’ sold 474 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in January until the middle of March. And by ‘we’ I mean me! Our main cookie buyers were at TCC and our church! Maddie is getting ready for her dance recital. This year she’s in ballet and jazz so she’ll have two numbers to perform and two costumes! She’s very excited about both costumes!

Fletcher is one busy boy, too! He’s excelling in all his therapies especially physical therapy! Here are a few things his working on, sit to stand, gait training (basically a fancy walker) standing in a stander, power mobility and scooting in a sitting position. He’s truly getting some independence! In February Fletcher had a dysphagiagram and was cleared to start taking food by mouth! So in speech therapy he’s making tiny attempts at eating things like apple sauce, peaches and suckers to name a few. Fletcher’s not really a fan of the whole eating thing so that’s been a little tough. We’re praying that he’ll learn to love food like the rest of the Burns family! Fletcher’s also very vocal these days! He’s really using his voice! He says blue, purple, ma ma, bye, hi and now Fletcher Burns! What a blessing this boy is to me!! The next best thing that’s happening is Fletcher is on room air everyday during the day! Meaning, he’s not requiring any oxygen other than his own! The VERY best thing is he’s grown another ¾ of an inch in the past three months! I need to do some research but I believe that makes 3 inches in a year!!! You might remember that for 3 years Fletcher did not grow at all, not even a tiny bit. The Padmidronate infusions are working!!! Thank you Jesus!