Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not so much...

Dang it! As I'm sure you guessed I didn't win that wonderful mixer...


Okay so this is what I have been doing all day yesterday and this afternoon! I entered a contest at http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ for a great Kitchen Aid mixer and I've been copying and pasting some great recipes. The contest is over and I'm just waiting for them to tell me I won (you can pray for me if you'd like :) I really WANT that mixer!) Anyhoo, you should go browse through some of the recipes in the comment section but make sure you have the time because you'll get sucked in just like I did! Okay, well I'll post when I win!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Egg baby, missing tooth and more...

Kayleigh made a baby yesterday, an egg baby! She had to puncture a raw egg and blow out the inside of it. For some reason she would not let me take pictures of her 'making a baby' but I do have pictures of Kayleigh and baby Lucille. She has to take the baby with her everywhere she goes until next Wednesday. Tomorrow night during Kayleigh's softball game I get to watch the 'little one'. Oh brother!

Baby Lucille

Little Mama

Yesterday while eating breakfast Maddie lost her fourth tooth. Boy, does she have a serious gap now! She looks pretty darn cute though. Tuesday night Maddie got to get dressed up in her recital costume for her group and individual pictures. She LOVED being all dressed up in her costume.

Lost tooth number 4

So cute...

Fletcher is doing well. Yesterday when the nurse practitioner was assessing him she heard some 'crackles' in his lungs which is indicative of pneumonia. She started him on antibiotics in hopes of trying to head it off at the pass. Today he was sleepy so I just held him the whole time I was with him. He fell asleep in my arms which is a rare thing for him. I enjoyed every moment of it!

Sleepy boy

We would also like to thank whoever sent us the anonymous gift in the mail today. You know who you are even if we don't and we truly appreciate your generosity! May the Lord bless you as you have blessed us!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crazy, busy week...

Well, it has been busy around here at the ol' Burns residence! Monday Maddie and I took dinner to one of my dear friends Maggie, her husband and their sweet new baby girl, Shelby. Maddie fell in love with Shelby and has been praying for her every day. When Maddie prays for Shelby she always asks that Shelby won't have to be on oxygen. Why? I guess because Fletcher is on oxygen and she sure doesn't want Shelby to have to be on it! Pretty sweet.

Maddie & Baby Shelby

On Thursday Maddie and I went to the Orr Family Farm for the Kindergarten field trip. It was awfully cold and windy, but we still had a lot of fun. We rode a train, went on a hayride, played on the totally cool playground, made butter and ate it on a cracker!

First you gotta shake it...

Then you gotta put it on a cracker and eat it! Umm good cracker!

Today was my niece Kylie's 15th birthday. She had a party at the gym where she takes cheer leading. She came to our house before the party and I did her hair and a little bit of make-up. She looked so pretty and was so excited to be pampered! Since the party was at the gym the kids were able to jump on the trampoline and do some tumbling on the mats. Maddie had a blast!

Kayleigh, Maddie & Kylie

This is all that was left of Maddie within the first two minutes of walking in to the gym!

She is gonna sleep good tonight!

Fletcher is doing really well this week. We found out last week that one of his medications for bone pain had been discontinued while he was in the hospital in January. Maybe that's why he's been so grumpy lately! Anyway, he's been on it for the last four days and we can tell a big difference in his attitude. He's happy again! We are so grateful for happy days! Today was a beautiful day so we went for a walk outside! Fletcher wasn't a big fan of the great outdoors so we came back in and walked the halls like we normally do. He had a lot of fun.

Isn't he precious?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Small group...

A few weeks ago Craig and I helped start a small group for our church. We are meeting on Sunday evenings, it is a very small group of wonderful Christian friends. What a blessing this last few weeks have been! What a great group of new friends! Tonight Jeff cooked some burgers for all of us and all of us girls brought the fixin's! We had a great time! Thanks, Jeff!

Craig & Jeff

Wendy & Tyler

Craig & Kayleigh

Maddie & Hannah

Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Kayleigh is gone for the weekend. She is attending a youth conference in Tulsa called Acquire the Fire. She and several of her BFF's are very excited to get to spend the weekend in a hotel. I'm praying it will be a life changing experience for her and that she'll come to know Jesus in a more intimate way. Kayleigh also started CRT testing this week, it's a state wide test and she has to make a satisfactory grade or she will not be able to get a driver's license. Please pray for her. Test taking is hard for her sometimes.

Maddie had a reading assembly this week and received a gold medal. She has read 180 books so far this year. Not bad! Since she joined Girl Scouts Maddie has been helping me with everything lately. She wants to set the table, make her bed, pick up after someone (besides herself) and help make dinner. She swept the kitchen floor last night while I made dinner. I told her thank you when she was done and she said, 'well it is the Girl Scout Law.' I think I'm really gonna like this Girl Scout thing!

Fletcher's unit opened up yesterday so today we walked around the building. He absolutely loves being able to get out of that unit! Not that you could tell by looking at him or try to talk to him because he will frown and complain if that wheelchair stops for even one second. Fletcher may not use words but his body language and facial expressions completely get his point across! Lately he's been pretty grumpy but he seems to be doing well (for him). Hopefully in the next three or four weeks they'll lift the RSV ban and Maddie will be able to spend some time with him. Yesterday afternoon Maddie made a DVD for Fletcher she read about five books to him. I took it to him this morning and he was watching it when I left. I think it will be nice for him to hear familiar voices when we can't be with him.

Monday, April 7, 2008

That Maddie...

For the last couple of months Maddie has been sleeping with some interesting things under her pillow. The first was this...

The receptionist at TCC gave this to Maddie and on the bottom of it she wrote 'He cares'. I didn't know she was sleeping with this little sparrow until one afternoon when she was getting ready for a nap. I asked her why and she said, 'because it's special, Miss Maureen gave it to me.' 'Nuff said.

Then there was this...a James Avery box. It contained a velvet bag that a sweet little silver baby ring was in. This also is quite special to her too, because she was a baby after all and it is a baby ring.

Currently she is sleeping with a remote, an old clock and a golf ball she found in the kitchen junk drawer. None of which are special she just wants to sleep with them. Hmmm....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fletcher favorites...

Sorry I've been absent from my blog lately. We have been so busy! Things are busy with the girls and their activities and things are nice, calm and uneventful with Fletcher. Praise the Lord! His unit is closed right now because there are a couple of sick kids in there. We're praying that the yuckies stay away from Fletcher. Since his unit is closed he can't leave, so our morning walks had to cease until it opens back up. He's been a little grumpy lately, but in general I think he's doing okay!

I've been thinking a lot lately about all the out of the ordinary things that Fletcher just LOVES! You know how you hear stories about how kids play with the box the toy came in more than the toy? Well, Fletcher is a creature of his environment and his playground is a hospital bed, so the things he plays with will seem odd to most of you but they're a ton of fun to him! Besides many people these are a few of his favorite things...

Empty saline tube

Pulley name tag

Face mask

10 ml syringe

My cell phone

My sunglasses

Fletcher chews constantly on these pink saline tubes, which I think is great because he grinds his teeth so the chewing helps with that. As for the pulley name tag, Fletcher reaches out to anyone who has a name tag and wants to pull on it. When he was in the hospital last time one of his nurses made him his very own name tag along with his own pulley clip! I can't tell you how long he's been pulling name tags and we NEVER thought to make him his own! DUH! Thanks, Jenny! Fletcher also loves to pull masks off of nurses, RTs, etc it's just a given that he wants to take their masks off. Craig spends every evening with Fletcher and he comes up with the most creative things to make Fletcher laugh. Craig came up with a game that the two of them play with a syringe, Fletcher puts it in his mouth and pulls the plunger out, then puts the empty tube on his thumb, then puts it in his other hand and somehow gets it on that thumb, then he switches hands one more time. I think that shows just how smart he is! Fletcher also loves my sunglasses and my cell phone. Every morning when he sees me the first thing he does is reach out so he can take my glasses off the top of my head. One of my favorite things is to just hold Fletcher. When we sit in the rocking chair I ask him if he wants to listen to music on my phone and he always grins, which means yes! So, I rock him and he holds the phone and listens to my blue toothed tunes! That way we're both doing one of our favorite things! Fletcher also likes a few ordinary things, too. He loves to be read to, he likes to watch DVD's and he is never without a lovey! He sleeps with a lovey covering his face, as soon as he starts to get tired he does his sleepy mouth and holds the lovey close to his mouth. Too precious!



his lovey