Thursday, April 24, 2008

Egg baby, missing tooth and more...

Kayleigh made a baby yesterday, an egg baby! She had to puncture a raw egg and blow out the inside of it. For some reason she would not let me take pictures of her 'making a baby' but I do have pictures of Kayleigh and baby Lucille. She has to take the baby with her everywhere she goes until next Wednesday. Tomorrow night during Kayleigh's softball game I get to watch the 'little one'. Oh brother!

Baby Lucille

Little Mama

Yesterday while eating breakfast Maddie lost her fourth tooth. Boy, does she have a serious gap now! She looks pretty darn cute though. Tuesday night Maddie got to get dressed up in her recital costume for her group and individual pictures. She LOVED being all dressed up in her costume.

Lost tooth number 4

So cute...

Fletcher is doing well. Yesterday when the nurse practitioner was assessing him she heard some 'crackles' in his lungs which is indicative of pneumonia. She started him on antibiotics in hopes of trying to head it off at the pass. Today he was sleepy so I just held him the whole time I was with him. He fell asleep in my arms which is a rare thing for him. I enjoyed every moment of it!

Sleepy boy

We would also like to thank whoever sent us the anonymous gift in the mail today. You know who you are even if we don't and we truly appreciate your generosity! May the Lord bless you as you have blessed us!


Adam Sauer said...

Are you going to let her check the baby into the nursery during church? hahahaha

Denise said...

NO, Adam! Nice try though!

kristin said...

Ahhh man...that would be awesome! you could give her a number and everything..."parent number 100 is needed in the nursery". lol that pic of her holding it is hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha. She only had to hollow out an egg?? We had a baby simulator and it cried at random hours of the day, AND night! And we had a key attached to our wrist and had to put the key in to feed it, and had to make sure the neck didn't fall back. Oh gosh.. it was horrible! I would much rather watch an egg. =). Glad to hear that Fletcher is doing good! We need to come visit soon! I'll be talking to Zach ab that. =).
Love ya!

Sniz said...

The egg-baby thing has been around forever, although I don't remember if I had an egg baby or a sack of flour I had to care for in high school. Obviously, it left a big impression on me and I remembered everything I learned from the experience!

Maddie's costume is wonderful. My girls haven't had such cute ones.

Glad Fletcher is OK...I hope he doesn't have pneumonia, but if he does that it goes away quickly.


Kristin's Blog said...

I love how Fletcher sleeps with his lovey over his sweet face! He is by far the sweetest little boy! Oh and have fun watching your grandegg!