Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Kayleigh is gone for the weekend. She is attending a youth conference in Tulsa called Acquire the Fire. She and several of her BFF's are very excited to get to spend the weekend in a hotel. I'm praying it will be a life changing experience for her and that she'll come to know Jesus in a more intimate way. Kayleigh also started CRT testing this week, it's a state wide test and she has to make a satisfactory grade or she will not be able to get a driver's license. Please pray for her. Test taking is hard for her sometimes.

Maddie had a reading assembly this week and received a gold medal. She has read 180 books so far this year. Not bad! Since she joined Girl Scouts Maddie has been helping me with everything lately. She wants to set the table, make her bed, pick up after someone (besides herself) and help make dinner. She swept the kitchen floor last night while I made dinner. I told her thank you when she was done and she said, 'well it is the Girl Scout Law.' I think I'm really gonna like this Girl Scout thing!

Fletcher's unit opened up yesterday so today we walked around the building. He absolutely loves being able to get out of that unit! Not that you could tell by looking at him or try to talk to him because he will frown and complain if that wheelchair stops for even one second. Fletcher may not use words but his body language and facial expressions completely get his point across! Lately he's been pretty grumpy but he seems to be doing well (for him). Hopefully in the next three or four weeks they'll lift the RSV ban and Maddie will be able to spend some time with him. Yesterday afternoon Maddie made a DVD for Fletcher she read about five books to him. I took it to him this morning and he was watching it when I left. I think it will be nice for him to hear familiar voices when we can't be with him.

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