Friday, April 30, 2010


I've decided that maybe I'm capable of blogging once a month...and I've barely made it for April! So here's our month in pictures!

"How To Train Your Dragon"
(highly recommend this movie! We loved it!)
coloring Easter eggs
(our eggs were kinda boring this year the coloring set I bought only had THREE tablets in it!)

family picture on Easter
(tradition for our family)

'some' of the Milgrim grandchildren
(another family tradition but my little grey house isn't big enough to hold 'all' the Milgrim grandkids!)

2nd grade field trip to the Cowboy Hall of Fame
(such a beautiful museum)

EEG for Fletcher
(all is well, they thought he had a few seizures so they wanted to be safe and check things out)

vocal music program
(isn't she gorgeous?)

Kylie's 17th birthday party
(lot's of fun!)

the units open at TCC
(Maddie can visit her bubba in his unit)

sweet visit from some of our Tulsa friends
(me, Garrett, Christine, Janet & Fletcher)

Oh yeah, I don't have a picture but we have a legal driver in our family!! Kayleigh took and passed her driver's test on Wednesday! Whew!!