Monday, January 29, 2007

God's Promises

As we have traveled on this journey with Fletcher several people have asked me questions about his future. On the day Fletcher was born we knew something was wrong with his skin and on that day I remember crying to my pastor, Lance, and saying things like, what if people make fun of him? Kids can be so mean, what will I do if people are mean to him? Lance in all his wisdom sat quitely and let me talk and cry and talk and cry. He knew I just needed to work this out by talking it through. As you all know Fletcher's skin problems were the least of our worries! And as time went by and as he was hospitalized 9 times I wouldn't allow myself to think about Fletcher's tomorrows, I just couldn't bare to think about it. It was too painful. I just wanted him to make it through the day! My mantra became, 'be in today and trust him to Jesus' I can only imagine that I said that at least a thousand times. We've come a long way in two years. Fletcher is doing well and we are seeing subtle progress in our little trooper. I can honestly say that I still had not thought about Fletcher's future until this morning. I had the most wonderful dream last night. I dreamed that I was at The Center with Fletcher like I am everyday and when I walked into his unit he was sitting up in his crib. Then right in front of me he pulled his trach out! I was, of course mortified and scared and I was totally freaking out. But everyone around me was calm and the nurses were trying to calm me down. I called Craig and told him to come immediately, all the while everyone was trying to convince me that Fletcher might be ready for his trach to come out. So, we watched him for a while and he was breathing on his very own and then the next thing I knew Fletcher wasn't hooked up to any machines, he was free of all tubes and wires. And then in my dream he took my hand and he began to walk. It was as if all that tubing and wiring were shackles holding him back and once he was free of them he just took off. It was so vivid, he was little and walking barefoot, holding my hand! It was truly amazing. As I've thought over this today I've been wondering if the Lord had given me a vision. So, I decided to get out my Bible and in the concordance I looked up the word dream. And it referenced the only verse in there the one about old men dreaming dreams. Well as I was trying to find the book of Joel I happened on Habakkuk 2:3 and this was underlined "Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay." So, if it wasn't a vision, I'll take it as a promise from the One who loves me so much. I certainly will continue to wait, because the Lord's timing is perfect. And I want what is perfect for my sweet Fletcher. I've posted these pictures thinking of how much my sweet boy has changed and grown! Hope you enjoy them!

Fletcher at 4 months

Fletcher at 2 years

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr. Smartie Pants

On Monday Fletcher got his glasses! He is absolutely adorable in them! He's wearing them to school and during his therapies. He's been great with his glasses! I was sure it was going to be a big waste of money like it was with the last pair! On Tuesday in speech therapy I got to feed him lemon pudding and pink lemonade to drink! He tolerated it so well! He's added a full sentence in his sign language! He says, 'I want more food!' I am sooooo proud! Tomorrow after Maddie gets out of school I'm going to take her to see Fletcher. She hasn't seen him in about 2 weeks. She's very excited to get the opportunity to see her Bubba!

We're going to have a full weekend! Kayleigh has two basketball games on Saturday, we're also going to a my nephew's 3rd birthday party (Happy Birthday, Gabe!) and Kayleigh has a youth function! It ought to be a lot of fun! Hope you all have a great weekend, too!

Fletcher in his new glasses! Isn't he cute?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Great to be back in church...

Well, it sure was great to be back in church yesterday! I was so excited to be back worshipping with our friends. Lancer preached an incredible sermon it really spoke to me. Yesterday was the first time in months that I sat through an entire sermon. I'm glad I did! In one part of Lance's sermon he used a scripture that I have heard and read a lot of times, but yesterday it ministered to me in a totally new way. Lance referred to John 9:2&3 it says this, "His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life." Sometimes as the mommy of Fletcher I have lots of questions, and I begin to wonder things like...What happened? Did I do something when I was pregnant, that made all this happen? Why, does my sweet baby have to be in pain and suffer so? Why can't he just be home with us? Why can't he walk? Why can't he talk? Will he ever be able to do any of these things? I, of course know that this kind of thinking doesn't accomplish anything but sadness, confusion and frustration, just to name a few. But, yesterday I felt like I finally got it! It may seem very simple or obvious to you but it hit me like a ton of bricks! All this is happening so that the work of God will be displayed in Fletcher's life! WOW! Isn't that what we all want? For the Lord's work to be reflected in our lives? Of course we do, that's why we've made the choice to be Christians! The Lord has already done so much in the two years we have been on this journey. I have meet some incredible families doing some really hard stuff, I have had the privilege to bring a friend that had a sick child to church and she gave her life to the Lord, I have seen my family and my church step up and hold up our arms as we have fought this fight. God has been so good to us. And I know that as you read this you'll think of the ways you've been blessed by our sweet Fletcher. He's the toughest little guy I know, I am proud to be his mommy. Fletcher brings out the very best in me. The Lord is doing a good work and we are grateful to be a part of it!

Okay, on to a little humor for today. About two weeks ago Maddie decided she was ready to walk into school all by herself. Saying things like, just drop me off, Mommy I can do it! Me saying things like, are you sure you're ready? You might fall, you have so much stuff to carry in are you sure I can't help you? It almost came to begging on my part! Maddie was so confident and she was ready. So, I pulled up in 'the loop' and opened the door she didn't even want me to get unbuckled! She said goodbye and turned and waved at me several times, she was so proud of herself! Me, on the other hand, not so big and brave or even ready for my baby to walk into school all by herself! Are you kidding me?! I sat in the loop and cried like a baby! I called Craig, crying and telling him how much she didn't need me anymore! Oh the tragedy of our children growing up! Well, this morning I asked Maddie what her plan was, was she walking in by herself or would she like me to come with her? I'll go by myself she says! Are you sure? There maybe snow and ice and you might slip and fall, I'd be happy to come in with you this morning. No thanks, I can do it myself! As we pulled into the loop, stopped the car, got the backpack, she kissed me and said, you're not going to cry are you? No of course I'm not! Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure! Promise? Yes, I promise. Pinky promise? I had to pinky promise my four year old that I wouldn't cry! How pathetic is that?!

Well, I'm going to close for now. I need to get up to The Center and get 'the boy' ready for school. He should have his new glasses this week. I'll get a picture and post it in my next blog or two! Have a great day!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My First Blog

Hey everyone,
I am starting this blog so I can share stuff about our family and send pictures that you won't have to download! I will also blog instead of sending Fletcher updates. You'll be able to check this blog anytime you want.

As most of you know, we had a big sleet/ice storm last week and all of the schools were out for the entire week! We watched lots of movies or rather one movie 'Over The Hedge' ALL week long! The girls were very excited to be out of school and enjoyed their time at home and at Mimi's house. As for me, my routine stayed pretty much the same, I still saw Fletcher each day and yesterday Fletcher and I were asked to be part of an informational DVD The Center is making, it was pretty cool.

Fletcher had a great turn out for his 2nd birthday. There were over 50 people who came to see him on his special day! Thank you all for coming to The Center to help us celebrate! Fletcher is doing quite well these days. He is still going to school each day, he's added a few new signs to his vocabulary, he is signing 'want more' and 'Angie' (Angie is one of his favorite people and the Director of Respiratory Therapy at The Center). He is still eating a little bit by mouth a couple of times a week and he's tolerating the food well. He continues to have PT 5-7 times a week and OT 3 times and speech about 5 times a week. We are so thankful that Fletcher has stayed well for so long! January 9th marked a year at The Center for him, he hasn't had to be in the hospital since last April! He really is making progress. I would ask you to pray for him to build up strength in his neck, back and legs. Especially his little legs, he isn't able to put any weight on them at all. Also, he has an ear infection in both ears, but he's handling it like a champ! This morning when I went to see him I had so much fun with him, he really is a delight! He has started reaching for my earrings and he loves to touch our shoulders and it has to be both of them. He's also getting stingy with his kisses not just anybody gets a kiss these days! He's still chewing on his little pink saline tubes, sometimes my jaw gets tired just watching him! He's also starting to cry when we walk away from his crib! It's heartbreaking! Craig and I always try to wait until he's asleep before we leave! I hope that's not bad!

Kayleigh and Maddie spent the night with Mimi and Papa last night, so Craig and I went on a date. I can't remember the last time he and I went somewhere together and all by ourselves! It was nice to be alone with my sweet husband.

Well, I guess I'll close and I promise to try and keep this updated and with pictures! Have a great weekend!

Fletcher's Birthday cupcake

Fletcher, Kayleigh and Maddie on Christmas Eve 2006

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