Saturday, January 20, 2007

My First Blog

Hey everyone,
I am starting this blog so I can share stuff about our family and send pictures that you won't have to download! I will also blog instead of sending Fletcher updates. You'll be able to check this blog anytime you want.

As most of you know, we had a big sleet/ice storm last week and all of the schools were out for the entire week! We watched lots of movies or rather one movie 'Over The Hedge' ALL week long! The girls were very excited to be out of school and enjoyed their time at home and at Mimi's house. As for me, my routine stayed pretty much the same, I still saw Fletcher each day and yesterday Fletcher and I were asked to be part of an informational DVD The Center is making, it was pretty cool.

Fletcher had a great turn out for his 2nd birthday. There were over 50 people who came to see him on his special day! Thank you all for coming to The Center to help us celebrate! Fletcher is doing quite well these days. He is still going to school each day, he's added a few new signs to his vocabulary, he is signing 'want more' and 'Angie' (Angie is one of his favorite people and the Director of Respiratory Therapy at The Center). He is still eating a little bit by mouth a couple of times a week and he's tolerating the food well. He continues to have PT 5-7 times a week and OT 3 times and speech about 5 times a week. We are so thankful that Fletcher has stayed well for so long! January 9th marked a year at The Center for him, he hasn't had to be in the hospital since last April! He really is making progress. I would ask you to pray for him to build up strength in his neck, back and legs. Especially his little legs, he isn't able to put any weight on them at all. Also, he has an ear infection in both ears, but he's handling it like a champ! This morning when I went to see him I had so much fun with him, he really is a delight! He has started reaching for my earrings and he loves to touch our shoulders and it has to be both of them. He's also getting stingy with his kisses not just anybody gets a kiss these days! He's still chewing on his little pink saline tubes, sometimes my jaw gets tired just watching him! He's also starting to cry when we walk away from his crib! It's heartbreaking! Craig and I always try to wait until he's asleep before we leave! I hope that's not bad!

Kayleigh and Maddie spent the night with Mimi and Papa last night, so Craig and I went on a date. I can't remember the last time he and I went somewhere together and all by ourselves! It was nice to be alone with my sweet husband.

Well, I guess I'll close and I promise to try and keep this updated and with pictures! Have a great weekend!

Fletcher's Birthday cupcake

Fletcher, Kayleigh and Maddie on Christmas Eve 2006

Please feel free to comment if you'd like.


Stephanie said...

Good job NeeNee!! I love it! You know I'll be a frequent visitor.

Millie said...

I love it too! I was just wondering about Bubba today! I miss you and think about you daily! The 3 musketeers still need our girls night one of these days!

Millie, Tony, Zoe & almost Baby Lily

CSommer said...

NeeNee this is so cool! Your the BEST!

We love you!
Carol, Sean, Annaliese & Justus

Jacque said...

Hey Denise, Love the blog, it is so Gen X. Love the pics of your little guy. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Keep the Faith
Jacque Applegate

amy and emily said...

Hey Denise!!!

I loved the BLOG!! Ballet just isn't enough time to chat!! You are mom of the year!!! amy and emily cole

David Wrights said...

Was glad to hear that you've started a blog. Shannon and I have enjoyed following Fletcher's progress. Yes, he has suffered much but in spite of all the setbacks he has continued to overcome to the amazement of all and this is indeed proof of God's power.

Yes, it is easy to wonder if you did something to cause your child's suffering - Shannon and I sometimes felt we were responsible for Ray's glaucoma, asthma, and other issues. We are convinced that this is one of the Enemy's lies.

Keep on believing and rejoice in Fletcher's continued progress. Know that all of your family are in the thoughts and prayers of many.

Roxanna said...

Love this site, you are so awesome.
We think of you often and even though Aunt Jeannie cannot email she loves getting messages from you.
Love and prayers
Kansas City