Thursday, August 20, 2009

I know, I know...

where have you been? Guys, I'm on Facebook and it's so much easier to update and I get instant gratification and feedback...though I know blogging is important too so here goes...

The girls went back to school today. It's official we have a sophomore and a second grader! Today has been an emotional day for me. This morning I realized that if Fletcher lived at home he would've started Pre-K at Will Rogers with Maddie. Please know I'm so grateful for everything Fletcher is doing and I'm loving all the milestones he's reaching, it was just sad not to drop off another Burns kid at WRE today. How neat it would be for Maddie and Fletcher to go to school together, see each other in the halls, her to be protective of him...blah blah blah cry cry cry! It's been a hard day but I am happy for my girls and I know it's going to
be a great school year for them.

Our sweet sophomore!

Our sweet second grader!

Mrs. Pingleton, Maddie's 2nd grade teacher

In other news, Fletcher is doing fabulous! We had a Patient Care Conference (PCC) in July with all of his caregivers, it went extremely well. The best news of that PCC was Fletcher Burns has grown ONE FULL INCH since the his last PCC. Who cares, right? Listen to this...Fletcher literally has not grown since he's been at TCC. He's been 27 and 1/4 inches the entire time we've been there! The Lord is up to something with that boy! Fletcher's also starting to scoot around. His PT, Darcey is working with him to perfect his scoot so, he can use it to get around. It's really pretty hilarious and he has lots of fun scooting around on the mat in the gym. He's also sitting up unassisted for about 30 minutes at a time! Fletcher is getting stronger with each passing day. I feel like I'm witnessing a miracle and I feel hopeful for his future. Maybe he will come home and live with us one day? Maybe he will walk? Maybe he will talk? Maybe he will get off that darn ventilator? Only the Lord knows for sure, but it feels good to have hope for my boy!

My boys! Oh how I love them!

Sitting up all by himself and quite proud!!

Playing on the mat with mommy!


Maddie is doing well, too. She's probably going to have the toughest time out of all of us, with getting into the whole school routine. That girl really enjoyed sleeping in everyday! Maddie started dance last Monday. She's taking ballet and jazz. Two separate classes taught by two separate teachers this is a first for her. She's very excited about changing classes. Her ballet teacher is the daughter of the owner of the studio. Her name is Savannah and she's probably 18 years old, well Maddie thinks it's so cool to have a teenage teacher. I think Maddie will really enjoy jazz. It's so up her alley!

Kayleigh has had a very active summer. We drove her to Mississippi to visit her maternal grandparents and she stayed for four weeks! Craig, Maddie and I only stayed for a few days. We had a great time seeing family and friends. Her grandparents also took Kayleigh and one of her friends Marley to Gulf Shores and they had a blast! Laying on the beach and shopping what more could two teenage girls want? Kayleigh is now 15 and 1/2 years old so you know what that means? We're about to have a driver on our hands! UGH! How can it be that she's old enough to drive? It seems like yesterday that I was taking her to her first day of school and snapping pictures with teachers and new backpacks and lunch boxes! She's really a delightful young lady and we're so proud of her! We're praying that this year is great and that she enjoys learning!

Maddie and Kayleigh one last hug!

Craig and I are doing great! He's just working away and I'm so grateful to have a husband who goes to work each day without complaining to provide for his family!! God is good to the Burns family! Craig was invited to his college football 20 year reunion in Mississippi. We had a great time meeting all these football players we have heard about for years!

Craig and his linemen buddies! Go Choctaws!

On our quick trip to Mississippi