Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fletcher...

Today Fletcher Samuel Burns is four years old! I can hardly believe it! Maddie and I took some birthday balloons to him this morning and we went to school with him. Fletcher had a party with his classmates. He was a toot for most of it but that's our boy! If you ask him how old he is he can hold up four fingers! This is so exciting since he wasn't able to do one, two or three. I was able to get it on video today you might have to look closely but he's holding up four fingers on his right hand! Craig is also convinced Fletcher completely rolled onto his tummy last night! Exciting things are happening with that boy! I'm sure he'll be sitting up in 2009! What freedom he would experience if were able to sit up and see what's happening in his unit! Fletcher is very nosy and wants to know what's happening. I tease him and call him a future Wal-Mart greeter! He waves and kisses at everyone who comes in the door. Sometimes they don't see him greeting them but if he were sitting up? Watch out TCC! We're going to bring Fletcher home on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. This year the theme is balls. He doesn't watch TV so he doesn't have any shows that are his favorites so I decided to go with something that he loves and that's balls! If you're out and about on Saturday between 3 and 5 stop by and see the boy!

Our time at home with Fletcher over Christmas was very different this year. It wasn't bad, it was 'off'. If that makes any sense. We had problems with not having all of his medication and we ended up not having enough of his formula to last the entire time so we had to take him back early. That kid did NOT sleep either. So he was a bit of a crabby patty for his time at home. Maddie started running a fever late Christmas eve so we were trying to keep her away from Fletcher. Kayleigh was the only one that Fletcher really enjoyed being with. The two of them spent a good bit of time together which did my heart good! I always pray that my children will be close and I love seeing the fruit of that prayer. The kids made out like bandits gift wise! Let's just say Craig and I did our part to help the economy! Kayleigh got an ipod touch and Maddie got way too much including a Nintendo DS and Fletcher got a really cool switch activated singing and dancing Spiderman. Craig got an autographed football by Josh Heupel, that was huge hit! And I got a flat screen TV for our bedroom! Pretty nice!

Maddie and her Christmas eve ornament

Kayleigh and her Christmas eve ornament

Me helping Fletcher open presents

Craig and the football

Poor, sick Maddie!

(BTW she's much better now!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Please pray...

My friend Rachel's daughter, Lola is in the PICU right now. Lola is 4 weeks old. She has pnemonia and is on a ventilator. She's very sick and needs prayer. Please join with me in praying for this precious baby.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Traditions...I am a traditional person at heart. I just love when things happen for a reason, when there's meaning behind what you're doing. This is my 100th post of 2008. So I thought it would be fun to post about my family's Christmas traditions. I love Christmas and all the hoopla that goes with it I believe things are what you make them. I want my kids to remember their family traditions and pass them down and to make new ones with their children. One of my favorite memories as a child were these candy canes we had. They were sparkly, styrofoam candy canes. There were seven of them, one for each of us kids. Well, we always put them on the tree as we decorated it. When we would wake up on Christmas morning those candy canes would somehow become 'real' ones! I wish my mom still had those magic candy canes but they fell apart after all those years of working! On Maddie's first Christmas I started the candy cane tradition here in our home. We have also carried on the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. My parents would let us pick any present and open it. Well, instead of opening any present they open the present I choose and that's always a Christmas ornament! Kayleigh has of course caught on to the whole ornament thing, but Maddie hasn't yet! Every year I buy the kids one Christmas ornament I keep them in a box and plan to give them the box when they are out on their own. I stole this tradition from my best friend Laura. Another thing that happens on Christmas Eve is that Craig reads a Christmas story to us. And he always wears his Mr. Rogers Izod cardigan! We always tease him about that silly cardigan but secretly we love it! The girls and I also bake a birthday cake for Jesus every year. This is my attempt and opportunity to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. It's one of my favorites! Several years ago I bought new stocking for all of us and they were red, green and white so at that time I decided I would make those our family Christmas colors. I choose three different rolls of wrapping paper in the red, green and white family, of course. Only red, green and white bows. You get the picture. Now, I just can't bring myself to have a themed Christmas tree because I love the plethora of different ornaments we have collected over the years. We always had a real tree growing up and after I married Craig we had a real tree for two years then I decided I wanted a fake tree. My sisters would tease me and say that our daddy would roll over in his grave if he knew I had a fake tree. Let me tell you fake trees have come a long way since I was a kid. And a pre-lit tree? Seriously is there anything better? I love my pre-lit tree! When Kayleigh was young Craig would place her on his shoulders and she would place a star or an angel on the top. I like a star, Craig and Kayleigh like an angel so we alternate each year with the angel and star. Two years ago Maddie was old enough to go on daddy's shoulders and place the topper on the tree. December 1st I get out my Spode Christmas china and we use it every night until Christmas is over. Speaking of Spode, every year Craig buys me the annual Spode Christmas plate. Love it! For the last two years and we'll do it this year and every year until it can be different we bring Fletcher home on Christmas Eve and he stays the night and wakes up with his sisters on Christmas morning. The first year we brought him home for Christmas Eve it was such a big deal and we were on the local news! What a great way to start a new tradition with the media! :) We also have a Christmas party each year for the grandkids on my side of the family. They draw names and buy gifts for that name and then we have a big party. For the last three years we've had it in a break room at TCC so Fletcher can be a part of the fun with all of his cousins. One more new tradition, if that's what you want to call it, my dear friend Amy rounds up a bunch of girls and they come and carol Fletcher Burns at TCC! Last Sunday night, much to my surprise I heard these beautiful voices coming down the hall singing Christmas carols. Oh my it was lovely and just made me cry to think that these girls who I love dearly would take time away from their families and bless me and my sweet Fletcher! Well, there's the traditions I can remember off the top of my head. I hope you will treasure your traditions and even make some new ones this year. Be blessed and be a blessing this Christmas!

Maddie and daddy topping the tree

Kayleigh and Maddie's birthday cake for Jesus

Kim and Fletcher at the Milgrim family Christmas party

Me and my niece Kate at the party

Maddie at the party

Gabe at the party

The carolers!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh so sad...

*Edit Craig fixed my camera so here's the video*

Today Fletcher performed in his annual Treble Makers Christmas concert. It was the cutest thing EVER! He completely stole the show. They combined his little group with another group, some of them playing drums and Fletcher had a 'solo' with his voice output switch. It went a little something like this...Fletcher's music therapist sang 'Mele Kalikimaka' and Fletcher hit his switch perfectly each time she was supposed to say 'to you'. Fletcher's speech therapist recorded 'to you' into his voice output switch for him. He was amazing today! Fletcher wore a cute Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals and his favorite visor. Precious! I videoed it, of course and when I came home tonight, excited to show all of you this priceless performance my camera wouldn't let me upload the pictures or the video!!!! I'm hoping my computer genius husband can figure something out with my camera. So, until then you'll just have to imagine just how cute Fletcher Burns was today!

Maddie Burns has had four Christmas parties this week! Kayleigh was exempt from all of her semester test today except one. So I picked her up at noon and she ran errands with me and also helped with Maddie's Christmas party this afternoon. Maddie was so proud to have her big sister at her party! All of her little friends have heard all about Kayleigh, I'm sure. Kayleigh told me today several of the kids would just come up and hug her. Kayleigh and I thought that was sweet. But I am glad all the parties are over! I have finished my Christmas shopping and it's all wrapped and under the tree. I'm determined to enjoy the next five days and hopefully reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. I love Christmas but in all honesty I get caught up in all the hype. I want my children to realize and appreciate the true gift the Lord has given us...His Son.

We'll bring Fletcher home on Christmas Eve and he'll spend the night in his home. This is such a blessing. A blessing to have him wake up at home on Christmas morning with his sisters. The Lord is so good to us. Fletcher's going to be four on December 30th. I can hardly believe it! My baby is four! Today I've been emotional as I've thought about the last four years. Unfortunately with each of his birthdays I tend to head in the wrong direction. The direction of all he's NOT doing. My sweet nephew Logan, who is six months older than Fletcher, came to our house last Sunday. As much as I try not to compare, it was really hard watching and listening to all that Logan is doing. Oh you know, walking, talking, saying things in a cute, fun four year old way. Logan's right on track and Fletcher isn't. Oh but the things Fletcher can do that we NEVER thought he'd be able to! Like I said, God is good to us. He always helps me to go in the RIGHT direction. Five days after Fletcher's third birthday he was in the PICU on his 'deathbed' as I'm sure you all remember. And just look at him today! I promise you he's stronger and smarter than ever! Only the Lord can do that! This year Fletcher will celebrate his birthday, for the first time, at home. It will be a come and go party, and we'd love for all of you to stop by and say hi, if you get a chance. At this point I haven't decided what day we'll celebrate but check back in a few days and I'll post something! Hopefully I'll be posting the cutest video also! :) Talk to you soon! Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gingerbread Houses and a Grumpy Shepherd...

Saturday afternoon Maddie, Kayleigh and I went to my sweet friend, Stephanie's to build gingerbread houses. Steph made some bean soup and we enjoyed working with our kids to make wonderful masterpieces! I loved seeing my girls work together instead of fight!

Sunday morning the kids at church performed in our Christmas musical, 'The Grumpy Shepherd'. They all did a great job. It was such a cute program! Maddie had her first singing part. She did really well. Before the program someone asked me if Maddie was nervous and I told her I didn't think Maddie knew she should be nervous! Maddie was a sheep. Some of our youth, Kayleigh included, were the angels. It was really a great performance by everyone involved!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girls, driving and some randomness...

I can't believe I haven't blogged since November 30th! We're busy as usual. This is going to be a pretty random post! :) So here goes...

Last weekend I had the privilege to have a little spend the night party with four of my favorite girlfriends! All four of these girls lived here in OKC and in the past two years they all have moved! Two to Arkansas and the other two to Bixby and Tulsa. Well, we definitely do not get to see each other very often but we have all remained very close. So, last Friday night we packed up and went to Bixby, OK. Oh my, I haven't laughed so much in a very long time! We all enjoyed each other so much. What a blessing girlfriends are! We stayed up until 4am and we were up by 8am. We had a leisurely morning and then went and had mani-pedi's! We also had a late lunch where we ate dessert first! Can you believe how dangerous the five of us are? A pedicure in winter? Dessert first? Whoa! We were wild women! You can only imagine what a boost this was for this tired, stay at home mom! Thanks, Carol for being such a great hostess and thanks Craig for making it possible for me to go and have a ton of fun! You're the best!

Love these girls!

Fletcher is doing so well, you guys! God is so good to us! Today he had an appointment with his endocrinologist. Fletcher was taking 7200mg of calcium every 4 hours, every day. He has successfully been weaned off of the calcium supplement completely! Dr. Domeck said that Fletcher's body is obviously absorbing it instead of peeing it away. Way to go, Fletcher! Way to go, God! Do you all realize that last year at this time this very same doctor was telling us to keep Fletcher comfortable and to enjoy him. In other words, he was telling us that Fletcher wouldn't be with us for much longer. Thank you, Jesus that YOU know the number of Fletcher's days, not man! We'll continue to trust the Lord and give Him all the glory for the gift of Fletcher's life! After Fletcher's appointment we were able to head up to the 10th floor of Baptist Hospital and see our fun friends there! We hit the 'gold pot' and were able to see some of our favorite people!

Don't you just love him?

Fletcher has also been working on using a power chair. His little arms are so short that they really have to rig the chair so he can operate it. He needs lots of encouragement so his PT, OT, RT and one of his teachers were there to cheer him on! He sooo worked it and got those women to fawn all over him! Such a player! Here's a little video of our driver...

Boy am I ready for a break from all of the activities that are happening around here. Next week will be the last ballet class, the last Girl Scout meeting, the last Wednesday night at church. No more choir concerts, no more car pool for the rest of 2008! Hopefully we'll be able to really settle in and enjoy all that the Lord has given us. Time to slow down and reflect on this last year. I'm so thankful. I'm just so thankful!