Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fletcher...

Today Fletcher Samuel Burns is four years old! I can hardly believe it! Maddie and I took some birthday balloons to him this morning and we went to school with him. Fletcher had a party with his classmates. He was a toot for most of it but that's our boy! If you ask him how old he is he can hold up four fingers! This is so exciting since he wasn't able to do one, two or three. I was able to get it on video today you might have to look closely but he's holding up four fingers on his right hand! Craig is also convinced Fletcher completely rolled onto his tummy last night! Exciting things are happening with that boy! I'm sure he'll be sitting up in 2009! What freedom he would experience if were able to sit up and see what's happening in his unit! Fletcher is very nosy and wants to know what's happening. I tease him and call him a future Wal-Mart greeter! He waves and kisses at everyone who comes in the door. Sometimes they don't see him greeting them but if he were sitting up? Watch out TCC! We're going to bring Fletcher home on Saturday to celebrate his birthday. This year the theme is balls. He doesn't watch TV so he doesn't have any shows that are his favorites so I decided to go with something that he loves and that's balls! If you're out and about on Saturday between 3 and 5 stop by and see the boy!

Our time at home with Fletcher over Christmas was very different this year. It wasn't bad, it was 'off'. If that makes any sense. We had problems with not having all of his medication and we ended up not having enough of his formula to last the entire time so we had to take him back early. That kid did NOT sleep either. So he was a bit of a crabby patty for his time at home. Maddie started running a fever late Christmas eve so we were trying to keep her away from Fletcher. Kayleigh was the only one that Fletcher really enjoyed being with. The two of them spent a good bit of time together which did my heart good! I always pray that my children will be close and I love seeing the fruit of that prayer. The kids made out like bandits gift wise! Let's just say Craig and I did our part to help the economy! Kayleigh got an ipod touch and Maddie got way too much including a Nintendo DS and Fletcher got a really cool switch activated singing and dancing Spiderman. Craig got an autographed football by Josh Heupel, that was huge hit! And I got a flat screen TV for our bedroom! Pretty nice!

Maddie and her Christmas eve ornament

Kayleigh and her Christmas eve ornament

Me helping Fletcher open presents

Craig and the football

Poor, sick Maddie!

(BTW she's much better now!)


oda41143 Missy said...

Love the "4" fingers!! Happy Birthday Fletcher. I wish I could be there!!! Sorry Maddie was sick. It seems she's as big of a sicko as my Alexus is. Love the pic of her with the trash can by her head. God love her heart!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fletcher!!!! You are awesome!! i loved the videos. They were fabulous. I can't believe all that he is doing these days. It blesses my heart too. Take care and Happy New Year to you all.

Kristin's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Fletcher Burns! Thanks for sharing such wonderful videos!