Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! We will bring Fletcher home today to spend the day with us! Also Craig's mom and his sister and her family will joy us! And I'm hoping to have a few extra friends drop by. Kayleigh's grandparents and her aunt should be here Friday. Busy, busy time for all of us.

Sorry I've been so bad at blogging lately, but like I always say Facebook is so much easier and I get instant gratification with comments! Selfish I know, but these days I'm going for easy!

Things are going pretty well around here. Kayleigh is busy with school, work and babysitting. And her social life! She's a busy bee and we really don't see her a lot. I'm guessing this is the Lord's way of easing us into her going off to college. Kayleigh's really a great kid and I'm so grateful for her!

Maddie's doing really well. She's gearing up for the church Christmas play, where she has the lead role and gets to sing a solo. Albeit it's a small Christmas pageant but she is taking her role very seriously! She is one of the older kids in Grace Kids so she thinks she's hot stuff! School is going very well for Maddie as well. She's a natural when it comes to learning and she loves it.

Fletcher is doing extremely well these days! I am so thankful for all he's doing and how 'healthy' he's been. Kindergarten is going particularly well and he has lots of sweet, new friends. Fletcher has been invited to the birthday party of one his friends at school! So he's going to his first friend party! We also have begun the potty training phase in his life! What an interesting process!

Craig and I are doing well. He's working and providing for our family and I'm just busy with the kids and life. I'm ready to start Christmas shopping and getting the holidays started! Well, that's it for now!