Friday, August 29, 2008

Here it is...

Today class was cancelled for Fletcher. I didn't tell him but he noticed our routine was different. Meaning I wasn't getting his chair ready with the oxygen, portable pulse ox, his ambu bag and extra trach. He got really mad and nothing I offered or said would calm him down. And I have seen him madder than this! Anyhoo, I decided to video it. The good thing about these tantrums is that it shows how strong he is and it proves the fight he's got in him! So, I praise the Lord for Fletcher's orneriness! Just so you know it took about two time outs and he was over it and we had a fabulous time together today! I did get two separate phone calls today from TCC. Fletcher's trach came out both times they called me! He plays with the ventilator tubing and messes with breathing treatments so they tie the tubing to his rail. Well, he's really trying to roll over these days and I guess it came out then! YIKES! I told them to tell him he couldn't come home on Monday if he's gonna do stuff like that!!!


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oda41143 Missy said...

I'm sorry that it makes me laugh that Fletcher has a little mean streak in him. I love it and I can't help it. Go Fletcher, but stop pulling out your trach dude!!