Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun times...

Fletcher just might be the cutest boy, ever! We had a great time in class today. He's learning so much. Counting, coloring and he now knows the sign for 'book'! He loves to be read to and to turn pages so it's a very appropriate sign for him to know. He's also signing 'yes'. Fletcher is getting smarter everyday and I'm very thankful for his teachers and therapist. They're the best! Fletcher is, however having some HUGE temper tantrums lately. If he doesn't get his way or what he wants at the very second he wants it watch out! He cries, he hits, he raises his legs up in the air and claps his feet together (which is actually pretty hilarious) all the while shaking his head no. Dude. This kid has a bad temper! I keep saying I'm going to video it just so you all can see this kid in action. It's so frustrating because I really don't know what to do when he gets like that. Let's be realistic I can't spank him, I can't send him to his room or even ground him! So, I've been pulling his privacy curtain and putting him in 'time out' I'm not sure that's working! One of the counselors at TCC came to observe him to see if she could give me any tips and he was a perfect angel. She fell in love with him. UGH! So we'll see what happens.


Maddie is enjoying first grade. It's been quite an adjustment for her. She normally takes a two to three hour nap everyday and first grade has changed all that. I volunteer in her classroom on Tuesday mornings and wow...that class is wild! I was there for two hours and wow. I have added her teacher to my prayer list. I honestly don't think I could be with that group ALL day! She deserves a medal or a nice, big margarita! I went to parent orientation tonight for Maddie's Daisy group (Girl Scouts) and somehow I'm the class helper! Why can't I just say no? Surely someone else can help! It's my own fault so don't listen to me complain! :)

High school is going pretty well for Miss Kayleigh. So far her favorite things are lunch and walking home with her friends. That girl is very social so it's no surprise to me that English and Math aren't at the top of her list! :) At least she's enjoying it, right?

Things are very busy around here with school, church, me volunteering for everything...and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. Maybe it seems busy because we're trying to get back into a routine over here. I don't know...

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oda41143 Missy said...

Cooper is going through a tough temper phase right now. I think that time out seems the perfect solution for Fletcher. Love his heart, little boys are just rotten, there is no other explanation. Glad to hear that your girlies are doing well in school. I can't imagine having one in high school. It would make me so nervous!!