Friday, August 8, 2008

Too busy...

Well, things are crazy around here. The girls and I had a great time on our trip. It's always so much fun to visit Craig's Aunt Susie. She's just one of those people I love to be around she's oh so funny! My girls adore her and so do I! We shopped, stayed up way too late and ate way too much! But it was a blast! Any of you who know me know I'm very protective of my girls. I've been working on not being so controlling and letting Kayleigh do more things with her friends. While we were in Houston she went to the movies, shopping and to Sonic for cokes with her cousins without an adult! She had so much fun and I'm sure enjoyed doing teenager things! It was a big weekend for both of us!

Maddie, me, Aunt Susie and Kayleigh

Devon, Caylee (Devon's friend), Kayleigh and Megan

Maddie posing in a store window

On Wednesday Fletcher passed the torch for the third annual TCC Olympics. This has become a tradition for Fletcher as he has been a part of the torch run all three years. TCC Olympics are always fun. Fletcher 'competed' in four events this year Smilemania where he got a gold medal and set a record of twenty smiles in 30 seconds! In Pipe Wars he had to throw a ping pong ball and he placed first and got his second gold medal! At the Demolition and Roll a Baby game he somehow came in third for both winning two bronze medals. Way to go Fletcher!

I think Fletcher is mad at his mommy. He threw quite a fit yesterday when we rolled into the gym where the Olympics were being held. His teachers and aides pulled out every trick they knew to get him to calm down. After he was nice and calm he competed in his events, but whenever he saw me he would throw a fit! In the video below you can see a little bit of his attitude during the demolition game. He was perfectly fine the moment he couldn't see me! He's really being a toot right now. The other video is just of Fletcher in school trying to use scissors. Pretty cute!

Fletcher and the Demolition game

Using scissors!

Today Kayleigh had freshman orientation. My Kayleigh is going to be in high school. Next week. Oh my goodness! She really had a good time today at 'Panther Palooza' she was able to see a lot of her friends. We picked up her schedule, paid for lunches, paid dues, paid for a yearbook and paid for a SUN pass. WOW! High school is going be expensive! But it sounds like it's going be fun! I'm praying she enjoys high school, finds her niche and really gives her best in everything she does. It's time to be serious about school and start thinking about college.

We're still waiting to hear from Maddie's teacher. I'm hoping she has a teacher that loves teaching and children. Maddie will be in first grade! My little shopping buddy is going to be in school all day long. What will I do with my afternoons? I'm going to miss that time but I'm sure Fletcher will fill up some of it! Need to go for now! Have a great weekend!


Kristin's Blog said...

I actually clapped when Fletcher cut the paper! Precious pics of all your beautiful children. Good Luck with no shopping buddy! Bummer!

oda41143 Missy said...

I'm glad to see that you had a good time on your trip!! Fletcher is such an Olympic champion in so many ways! Good luck with the high school situation, the thought of my kids being that old scares me.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you, as always. You continue to pass milestones in your kiddos lives and do it beautifully. Your kids are fortunate to have such a devoted mommy! Enjoy each moment! You are a an amazing mom and lady! love to you, KeriJo