Monday, September 8, 2008

Super busy...

I can't believe it's been nearly ten days since my last post. Things have been super busy around here. For the last month I have been working on some big changes in the Children's Department at the church. My friend Courtney and I decided to change things up around there. We prayed and really felt like the Lord gave a scripture/mission statement for our school age kids. Psalm 119:11 tells us, "I have hidden Your Word in my heart so that I might not sin against You." We also decided to call the room where the children have church The Hiding Place. Cool, huh?! I sure think so! And the ball just kept rolling from that point. One of the members of our church built a fort in the room, another member painted this great tree on the outside of the room and another member bought the kids a flat screen TV and new DVD player. Let me tell you a little something, when people 'donate' things to the church they usually aren't new and sometimes they're not even usable! So, for our kids to get all new stuff was pretty awesome for them. My friend Heather and I painted Psalm 119:11 on one of the walls. Courtney and I covered 5 or 6 bulletin boards in cute fabric. Yesterday was The Hiding Place kick-off and the kids loved it! It made the weeks of hard work worth it!

The Fort

Cool TV!

Last Friday Maddie decided she wanted to walk into the school all by herself. So, I, of course, had to video it. This Friday Maddie will have her first spelling test. It just doesn't seem possible, she's growing up so fast! I'm trying to enjoy every moment!


Kristin Sauer said...

the new kids area is super duper awesome! you all are doing a great job!

oda41143 Missy said...

great creativity on the kids area. did you cry when maddie walked herself in? that seemed like the longest sidewalk in the world to me;)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't hear your tears fall when she walked into school all by herself. Strong Nee-Nee. I'm proud of you, but I bet you had to gulp a bit.
Children's area is fabulous. How novel to come up with the "Hiding Place," that's something that kids of all age (even almost 50- not til Nov.) like to have!
Love much, Janet Lalli