Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just for fun...

I love that you all are enjoying the videos! I knew if you saw Fletcher in action it would be a blessing! Fletcher is an amazing little guy and it is totally due to the Lord, make no mistake in thinking Craig and I or TCC are responsible for the miracle of Fletcher's life. Only the Lord could do such a work! And I believe it's because so many of you have prayed for Fletcher. Thank you for loving him and petitioning the Lord on his behalf. I believe the Lord is glorified in Fletcher's life. Do you all realize that just six months ago we were told he wasn't going to make it. We were told to enjoy him, to keep him comfortable. When you see these videos it's more than obvious that he's getting stronger and smarter with each new day. We are so grateful for what we've been given in Fletcher. Though our life isn't ANYTHING like we thought it would be when we decided to have another baby, it is full of love and wonder and amazement and grace. Hopefully the Burns family is a more loving, tolerant, kind and giving family because of our circumstances.


This video was taken over a year ago. At one point they were letting Fletcher use this chair to explore his environment. He LOVED being mobile and in charge! The in charge part was probably what motivated him most! He used a joy stick to maneuver this chair. It was really amazing how quickly he caught on! Anyway, for reasons I don't quite understand, they quit using this chair. Just look at his face!



oda41143 Missy said...

Fletcher is a gift from God. I love Fletcher's attitude. You can see is oozing out of his eyes and that big smile he constantly wears. The video of him in the chair cracks me up. I have no doubt he would chase you guys down if given that chair back again. I love how he moves and then has to stop and laugh. He's all boy!!

Anonymous said...
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