Thursday, June 5, 2008

Camp and Summer Fun Day...

This morning Kayleigh left for camp. I just got the call that they arrived safely. Thank you Lord! She was a little anxious because she wasn't going to know anyone in her cabin. She text me on her way to camp and it turns out that she will be with one of her friends! I could tell she was excited about it! I wasn't worried about it because last year somehow she ended up making friends with EVERYONE!

Kayleigh & Christian headed to camp!

Today was Summer Fun Day at TCC. They set up baby swimming pools, sprinklers, misters and had some water guns to add to the fun. Maddie and Fletcher 'swam' together for the very first time! Maddie loved it, Fletcher not a fan of the swimming pool. I think mostly because he love, love, loves to take walks and we had to take him out of his wheelchair to put him in the pool with one of his teachers, Miss Jennifer. After Fletcher got out of the pool I took him back to his unit to change his clothes. Miss Jennifer and Miss Kelly played with Maddie while I was gone with Fletcher. I'm so grateful for the wonderful staff at TCC. They so didn't have to play with Maddie but they did and she had a blast! Thank you girls for loving my children the way you do!

Fletcher & Maddie

Fletcher, Miss Jennifer & Maddie


Anonymous said...

Maddie's swimming clothes are awesome! I want those in my size! I'm sorry that Fletcher didn't get into it right away, it was too different for his mind to comprehend. I'm like that with my brain. Several more tries and he'd love it. Does he sunburn easily? Love the videos! Keep 'em coming!

Kristin's Blog said...

I think that TCC is so neat that they would go to all of that so Fletcher could have a fun experience!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about your blog is how you "appreciate" the beauty in your life. God is good but you really live it out in a real way. Your kids are all amazing and I'm thankful you share them with us.
Continue to ENJOY!
love, KeriJo

Kristi said...

I can tell Fletcher wasn't thrilled - no smiles!

Jessica C. said...

I am inspiring to you?? Well, I can't tell you how much I look up to you... your faith and endurance is amazing. Your children are very lucky to have you in there lives. I am blessed to be able to read your blog and see such a great testimony of God's grace, love, and sufficiency.

Susie said...

Hey NeeNee, sorry that it's been a while. Looks like things are going great! I loved watching all the videos of the kids, especially seeing how well Fletcher is doing. Take care and enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment. =).

I'm so glad to hear that Fletcher is doing good!! I'm glad he got to swim, even though he didn't like it. =). And I'm sure Maddie was so excited to swim with bubba! I hope Kayleigh is having a blast at camp - I ALWAYS loved going away to camp when I was her age.

Love you guys - you guys are in our thoughts and prayers!

oda41143 Missy said...

Love it!!! TCC seems like such an awesome place! They seem to nuture the soul along with the body.