Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye, bye Hollywood...

When I was pregnant with Fletcher and going through my nesting stage I decided I wanted to remodel the master bathroom. It had green carpet (who puts carpet in a bathroom?) and I wanted tile and a new bath tub, too. And the walls were covered in dark green wallpaper with white flowers. It had to go! I decided I wanted to do Venetian plaster in the bathroom like I had done in my kitchen and paint all the wood work white. Above the mirror were what I call 'Hollywood Lights'. You know the ones that you see in movies and they're around the mirror in the stars dressing room? Anyhoo, I thought that can lights would be perfect. I figured Craig and his dad could put them in some Saturday afternoon. I scraped all the popcorn stuff off of the ceiling. WOW! That was a messy job! And we had a guy come and tile the shower and put in a new tub. It was great. In the meantime I had Fletcher and we all know what went on with him so the bathroom remodel fell way down on the list of things to do. When Fletcher was in the PICU the first time (around May 2005) my sweet SIL had one of her friends tile the bathroom floor. That was fabulous! Since then I have been waiting on Craig to put in the can lights, literally waiting. It didn't make sense to me to texture and all that stuff when it would likely be destroyed in the process of putting up the lights. Flash forward to March 2008. My little brother is a journeyman and when we had everyone over at Easter I drug him back to my bathroom and asked if he'd help me with the lights. He said he'd be happy to and it wouldn't be hard at all. Four years people, four years for a bathroom remodel! And it still ain't finished! Today my little brother, my newest hero, came over, on his day off and put the can lights in and changed all the outlets and switches to white. Aww...progress. Progress had been made. Now I need to texture and paint and have Craig put up new base boards. Oh no, did I say Craig? My sweet procrastinating husband? Here are a few pictures. When I finish my 'little' project I'll post more pictures. But, please don't hold your breath, it could be another four years!

Before...YIKES! (2004)

Today...sweet baby brother, Brett

Kind of after...(2008)


oda41143 Missy said...

Lookin good. It cracks me up because we built our home in 1999 and I put carpet in the master bath, this year we ripped it up and laid tile. I also have hollywood lights :) It's a small world. Can't wait to see the finished walls.

Dawn said...

Hey Brett do I have a job for you!! HA HA!

Your Sister Dawn

Miss Kayleigh said...

Wow Im so happy that bathroom doesnt look like that amymore it looks a whole lot better now even though its not finished.