Sunday, July 27, 2008

Learning our numbers...

Fletcher has been working on learning his numbers. He is, of course doing so well and I'm pretty sure he's a genius! No bias from me!:) His teachers hold up the number and ask him to chose the right one. On this particular day he was working on one, two and three. I think it's a fun video and hope that you'll enjoy it!

On Tuesday Fletcher will start the Padmidronate infusion therapy. They will do blood work on Monday and if everything looks good especially his electrolytes they will be ready to start bright and early on Tuesday. Since this will be his first attempt with Padmidronate they will do blood work every two hours and if I understand it correctly the infusion will be over a twelve hour period once a week for three weeks. Dr. Brannon is being very cautious, this type of therapy is usually done in three days over a six hour period each day repeating it every three months until they have the desired results. Dr. Brannon is sure Fletcher is already experiencing bone pain and that is one of the side effects of Padmidronate they will give him tylenol before they start and as needed during the next few days. We're hoping that the Padmidronate will eventually decrease the bone pain and give him back some of the bone density he has lost. Would you all please be praying for Fletcher these next few day? It's hard to watch him be uncomfortable but it's for his best. Craig and I have a complete peace about going through with this therapy. I will keep you posted on how it's going.

Yesterday Maddie and I went to a baby shower for my niece, Amber. She is having baby number three and it's a girl. Her name will be Kate Olivia and she will have two great big brothers to help care for her. We're very excited for Amber and Matt and can't wait to meet that sweet baby!

Kim, Mom, Paula, Amber, me, Dawn, Maddie and Kylie

Amber and Dawn

Kylie and Kim

Me and Maddie


Kristin's Blog said...

keep us posted on how it goes on tuesday and he will be in my prayers.

oda41143 Missy said...

Prayers said for Fletcher. I think that you are making the right decision. He is so smart. Cooper starts school in 2 weeks and is almost 5 and doesn't know his numbers :( At least his teacher will have to earn her money.