Monday, July 14, 2008

Down on the Farm...

Actually I think it's a ranch and not a farm. I'm not sure I know the difference! :) Anyhoo, last night our friend Jeff invited us to his parents ranch. It was beautiful night and the weather was perfect! We had our small group and a cook -out. We had so much fun and enjoyed such great hospitality! The kids got to ride a horse named Sassy and then we all were blessed with a wagon ride by two Clydesdale horses! How fun is that?! Our small group is such a blessing! we're really enjoying each other and our time together. Thanks Frank and Johnel for having us out to your beautiful home!

Maddie and Miss Johnel
Look at those beautiful horses!

Maddie and Kylie

Well, look at Craig riding shotgun!

Craig and Jeff

Wendy and sweet Hannah

Betty and Randy


Kristin's Blog said...

Looks like a farm to me! TCC said that they did not need me...I don't think they liked the hours I told them I could work! Oh Well....better luck next time!

Miss Kayleigh said...

Thats not fair I waish I was there. I wanna ride a horse. Hahaha wel Im having fun down here but I cant wait to see you guys. I miss you alot! Well wish I was ther but gotta go now Anna is bout to come over see you guys later. Love you.