Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's see...

It's been a busy day! Fletcher had a dentist appointment this morning so I arrived at the Center at about 8:15. When I got there they told me Fletcher and all his little buddies were moving to different units. Fletcher is now in Unit 7 right next to our friend, Andrew! Yea! Okay, so back to the dentist, Dr. King comes to the Center once a month to see TCC kids. Fletcher has about 3 loose teeth, yes, my two and a half year old son has several loose teeth! Dr. King said 'Fletcher's alveolar bone seems mobile.' Well, Fletcher was not really happy to be at the dentist and I was just trying to get him out of there before we had a situation on our hands, so I did not ask the appropriate questions. For instance, what the heck is an alveolar bone? And should it be mobile? Will his permanent teeth be mobile also? Are you kidding me? So, I talked with one of the nurse practitioners and she was clueless also and said she would look into it. So, we'll see. Dr. King said Fletcher's teeth are loose, but not about to fall out unless he gets hit or we tug on them. I told him we would stop hitting Fletcher. (j/k) I did tell Dr. King that I was NOT emotionally ready for Fletcher to loose his teeth, he said they would only pull them if he thought they were so loose that Fletcher might swallow one. You guys, I was not ready for Maddie to loose her first tooth and she's five! I keep telling myself, this is not about me. I really don't want him to be in danger, so if they have to come out so be it. Not my will, but Yours be done, right? Right! Here are a couple of pictures of Fletcher from today, during one of his 'good moments'. He's such a hoot!

Well, it looks like the 'EYE DRAMA' might be coming to an end. Fletcher will have surgery on September 17th at 7:45 am. Please pray with us that the doctors will have wisdom and this time the surgery will be a success, that it will open his sweet little eye. He deserves for his eye to be opened! I will also be praying, like I always do, that the people who come in contact with Fletcher that day will treat him like they would treat their own child with compassion, respect and dignity!

Kayleigh has had a busy week also. She had two test this week and feels like she knew the material and did well on each test. She is also very involved with the youth at church. Last week she went to a football game with a friend and had a blast. That was a hard one for Craig and me, letting her go and hang out with friends, but she's a good girl and we trust her. Tonight she is spending the night with one of her best friends.

Today at Maddie's school they had 'Hat Day' she paid a dollar and was able to wear a hat. Also, today she was able to hang out with her Aunt Kristi. Kristi was off today and offered to pick Maddie up from school so I could spend some time with Fletcher. It turned out to be great day for her to go with her aunt, seeing how busy today ended up being! Thank you, Kristi!

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Anonymous said...

Precious pics...What a blessing you all are! Thank you for sharing your family, your thoughts, your pictures, your prayers with us. I love reading your thoughts; you are such ann encourgememt! Virginia