Saturday, September 15, 2007

A busy Saturday...

Today was a beautiful day in OKC! The temp was a wonderful 75 degrees. I spent the the first part of morning with Fletcher and then I went to a women's brunch at our pastors home. It was so nice to be with my sweet friends from church. After the brunch I went back to be with Fletcher. Since Craig went to the game the rest of us went to Mimi's to 'watch' the game. The weather was so beautiful we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Here are a few pictures of my girls with their cousin Megan. All in all it was great day!

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Carol Sommer said...

I love you! Thank you for all your words that keep me going. I listened to your voicemail. Now I've just read my neenee blog. Okay! I can pull up some more depends. Even if I am fat!

I LOVE YOU! Keep it up baby!