Thursday, August 16, 2007

Treble Makers Concert

Today Fletcher participated in the 2nd Annual Treble Makers concert at TCC. The theme of the program celebrated Oklahoma's centennial. Fletcher and a little girl in his class played the drums (sort of) to 'I've Been Working on the Railroad.' He started out happy but after too long of a wait in his wheelchair he got grumpy! After his performance Craig took back to his unit and when I went to check on him he was out like a light!

Before the performance...

During the performance...

and after!

Yesterday one of Fletcher's doctors made some changes to his ventilator, meaning he is having to work a little harder to breathe. The changes are very small attempts to weaning him off the vent but, we have to start somewhere! Hopefully he'll be able to handle these changes and we'll continue to work on him getting off the ventilator. I believe that's why he was so tired and grumpy this afternoon. Breathing is hard work!

This morning I was able to feed Fletcher! Oh how sweet that was for me! He did pretty well. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did! Fletcher ate some carrots, fruit and some kind of meat, all baby food, of course. He really liked the carrots. Since his swallow study I have been cleared to feed him once a day until we see how he tolerates eating. I'm there every morning so I'll be feeding him each day before he goes to school. Sounds kind of normal, huh?!

eating carrots, I think...

signing the word 'eat'


Michelle said...

What an amazing little boy!

pyoung said...

You go, Fletcher! I am so thankful for how far he has come!

It's incredible to watch his progress through your blog, NeeNee!

Love you all lots and lots!