Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to school

Today Kayleigh started the eighth grade and Maddie started kindergarten. Kayleigh told me she was thought today went better than she thought it would. She's been worried because she is on a team without any of her 'old' friends. Craig and I tried to encourage her that this could be the year of the new best friend, the friend she's always wanted. Sounds like it went well today for her and that this is going to a fabulous last year in middle school! I'm sure she'll make the best of it! When I picked Maddie up after school I asked her how her day was she said, "It was okay, kind of boring, though. I don't know why they have all those toys if they won't let you play with them." I assured her that there would be plenty of time to play with all those toys! Right now Kayleigh is watching TV and relaxing after a long day and Maddie is still napping. Hopefully we're off to a good start with getting back into the whole school routine. Aren't these girls gorgeous?

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Miss Kayleigh said...

hey mommy I thinkthat the school year is going to be VERY good I have already become better friends with Kristianna and Megan! I love you!