Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kayleigh's Home

Last Friday Kayleigh came home from Mississippi and her long time friend Marley came with her. What a blessing to have Kayleigh home. She and Marley went on a 'mini mission trip' with the youth from our church. They were able to help clean up an abandoned house, they also went door to door collecting canned goods. On Saturday they spent the night at the church and didn't come home until 6 pm Sunday. Sunday afternoon they went to my sweet friend, Carol's parents house and helped them pack and clean up for Carol's family's big move to Tulsa. They had a great time and learned a lot. And they realized how much they have to be thankful! On Monday Kayleigh and her grandparents, Monna and Pops took Marley down to the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum, then we went to dinner and then back to Bricktown for a canal ride. And of course we had to take Marley to Braum's for the best ice cream ever! What a great time we had! Monna, Pops and Marley left early on Tuesday morning we miss them already! Hopefully Marley can come again she was a joy to have around and Kayleigh really had lots of fun with her!

Kayleigh and Marley - 'the blondes'

As you can see, things have been quite busy around here. Last night was the premiere of 'Bourne Ultimatium' the new Matt Damon movie. It was here in OKC and along with it was a fundraiser for TCC. I believe they had a dinner and then everyone went to the premiere. The tickets were $150.00. They raised nearly $200,000.00 to benefit the children at the Center. Isn't that awesome? The Children's Center also made a trailer that was shown before the movie and guess who made their debut? You got it. Fletcher Burns and his mommy! Even though we weren't at the premiere ourselves we still got to be a part of something rather cool!


Carol Sommer said...

I understand that Matt Damon was yelling out Nee Nee! Nee Nee! in his sleep while at okc. His wife is supscisious. Sounds weird to me.

Thanks to Kayleigh & Marley and all the kids from Grace Church. They were AWESOME!!! & most assuredly to Paul... he is a HOUSE!

Christa b. said...

Braums.... I wish there was a braums in memphis. You know i try and tell everyone how amazing this little place called braums is but no one believes me... Oh but they will see the light soon when we make a trip just for braums one day!! haha