Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prayer Request

Fletcher is still in need of your prayers. Yesterday afternoon we found out that he is having Congestive Heart Failure. His heart is enlarged and we think it could be because of his critically low phosphorus level. We also found out that he is ALWAYS at risk for CHF because of his past heart problems, his pulmonary hypertension and because he is ventilator dependant. At this moment he is still at TCC and they are monitoring him closely. They are keeping in touch with a PICU doctor at Baptist in order to know how best to treat Fletcher at this time. TCC promised us that they would send Fletcher to the hospital when and if he needed to go. Craig and I are really worried and are asking you to please lift Fletcher up in prayer today. I'm sure we will be spending most of the day at TCC, Craig's mom, Trudie will have the girls and keep them busy today. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers today. I'll keep you posted.


randy said...

To Fletcher Burns and family. Through blury eyes and stutering words I pray for the best guidence of all from our Lord Jesus Christ that Fletcher will be always in the hands of our Lord. The hard part is that we sometimes don't see the beauty of the ways of God. I pray for a LONG LIFE for Fletcher here on earth, but somehow to try to accept whatever comes. My prayers are each night that he will grow and become a fully healed boy and know the love that so many have for him. May our Lord God be with him and his great family forever. Peace be with us all. Amen. Uncle Randy and Family.

Anonymous said...

And I add to that prayer that every breath that Fletcher takes is purely the breath of the Lord and as it is pumped through Fletcher's heart that it strengthen his heart and then cleanse and purify and heal every cell that recieves God's breath of Life and, yes, that he is restored to the life God has planned and that Craig and Denise have desired for him from the first days, all of it as a testimony of God's Glory. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Janet Garrett Adrrienne and Garrett Michael Lalli

Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for you all for strength and peace in these difficult times...and that the Lord continue to bless you all. Know that Fletcher is in the Lord Jesus Christs hands and HE WILL PREVAIL.
Much love, Virginia

Anonymous said...

Hi NeeNee, just wanted to let you know that I am praying for Fletcher several times each day. I also pray for you and Craig to continue being strong. You are an amazing family and I feel so blessed to know you. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do.