Sunday, November 18, 2007

An update and the beginning of Christmas

I want to thank you all for praying for my sweet Fletcher. Today his phosphorus was not critically low, his liver had moved down a bit and is now back where it's supposed to be, his lungs sound better and the crash cart is no longer next to his bed! I was thankful to see that thing out of the room! Fletcher was still pretty fussy when I saw him this afternoon I only got a few smiles out of him. I'm guessing he's very tired and still isn't feeling real well, he was just so restless. We are so grateful for the progress he has made. Fletcher WILL be having the sedated MRI tomorrow please continue to pray for his safety during the sedation, for some clarity on what's going on with this bump and also that he will sleep well tonight. I will let you know about the results when we know.

If all goes well we are planning to bring Fletcher home for Thanksgiving. One thing I really want to accomplish is our family Christmas picture. The last two have been taken in hospitals, so I am bound and determined to make it happen on Thanksgiving day in our home. My sweet friend, Adriann is going to come over and take some pictures of us in front of our Christmas tree. We put the tree up tonight, I don't believe I've ever had a Christmas tree up this early. It feels good to have that taken care of. There is still a lot more work to do but I'll get to that after Thanksgiving.

Maddie and Daddy putting the angel on top of the tree

my girls


Kristin's Blog said...

I hope that all goes well with Fletchers MRI...I have been praying for you! Keep us updated and give that sweet boy a big ol kiss for me.

randy said...

The Lord will continue to be with you and the entire family as indicated by the news you have given, which is a testimony in itself. May you all continue to be blessed onward and forever. Our prayers are always with you all. God bless you all. Uncle Randy.

Susie said...

Looking to see how the MRI went. I love the tree, and your girls look precious. I just did a horrible venting post, and then I come by and feel terrible for thinking I have a thing to complain about. Praying for you and Fletcher.

Denise said...

You deleted just as I was leaving you a wonderful comment! :)

Please don't feel bad about expressing yourself! Even though Fletcher doesn't live at home, I certainly desire to be ALL BY MYSELF! It just doesn't happen that often and I'm not home schooling my children! I admire you so much. Please don't be so hard on yourself, give yourself some grace, sister! :) Who cares if they say no, then you'll know for sure! I say, just ask you might be pleasantly surprised!!!

You are so precious and I'm so grateful to have 'met' you. Keep your chin up and ask for some help friend, you need it and I'm sure you'll find some relief!

Sniz said...

OOO,OOOh! Post the picture of all of you in the house! I can't wait to see it. But it will be beautiful even if they;re in the hospital.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hey Nee, I've wanted so very badly to come and check on Fletcher, but things have been insane and it just didn't happen. I even asked my MIL if she knew anything tonight (at Thanksgiving dinner), but she hasn't been on the floor much the past couple of weeks she said. (Doing administrative stuff instead.) Just know though, that while I haven't known the particulars, I have been praying. I just knew Fletcher was struggling and that made me want help for him from the Lord. :) I hope the long time between posts is good news - that you were able to all be together at home today with many thanks for family and healing! I thought so much today about how blessed I was just to be able to stop and celebrate. I thought about all the patients and doctors and police and fire fighters and military members who do their day to day thing, sacrifice their family time and keep doing what they do while I enjoyed my turkey and family. And then, moreso than in years past, I gave thanks. I know you give every compliment over to the Lord, but still, you're amazing. Happy Thanksgiving, friend....

Denise said...

i love u mommy