Thursday, November 8, 2007

A not so great Thursday!

Just a quick update on Fletcher. When I walked into Fletcher's unit this morning he was surrounded by a couple of nurses, an RT and several student nurses. Not good. I rushed over to his bed and he was a frightful shade of purple and they were bagging him. Well, every time we would try to put him back on the vent he would desat again! This happened about three times. We finally figured out that his vent was disconnected and he was better. I had a meeting to go to so I left for about an hour and a half. When I got back to his unit there was another gang of people around his bed including an x-ray technician! Again, not good! I bet we bagged him about 10 times today. A few posts back I mentioned that Fletcher had a yeast infection and it STILL is not cleared up and seems to be traveling all over his body. One of the biggest concerns is that it will get into his central line (a line in his chest in order to give him IV medication) it could be very bad if the line were to get infected. And they really aren't sure that it's yeast, it could be impetigo, but like I said we're not sure. I was given quite a bit of information today and to be honest I'm not sure I completely understand what's happening. I do know an infected central line is bad and they would have to surgically remove it and if there is any sign of infection the surgeon won't put another line in. Not good, because Fletcher NEEDS a central line for emergency meds. They also told me that if he has a fungal infection internally that it's very hard for someone like Fletcher, who has a suppressed immune system, to fight off. He would require an IV anti-fungal and they have TERRIBLE side effects, like damage to your internal organs and hearing loss, just to name a few. They were able to culture a few of the infected areas and did some blood work. It will take 48 hours to tell if it is a bacterial infection and it will take two weeks to see if it's a fungal infection. So, right now they are giving him IV Vancomiacin and Rocephin. So, if we can hope for something we're hoping for a bacterial infection as opposed to a fungal infection. But, I know we can PRAY that there is NO infection at all! Would you all please agree with us in prayer that there will be no infection? Well, it's been a long day and I need some rest. Talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you guys are having to deal with this right now! As always I am praying for you guys and Fletcher...I miss him so much! I know God is watching over him and he will be fine!!

Dana Smith

Michelle said...

Oh Nee Nee, what a day...We will be lifting everyone, especially Bubba in prayer this minute!! We pray God's mighty protection tonight in his room and the angels will surround his bed and give him a sweet sleep. I also pray this for you my sweet friend. Keep us posted!!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!!! Let God work in Fletchers life and get him better! Hopefully everything will turn out better than what I've read for the last couple days! He is a strong baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Your friends at the First Church Mom's Group are praying for you today, my sweet friend -- for healing for Fletcher, for strength for you and Craig, for wisdom for the doctors. We love you . . .

Cindy J.

Dawn Daws said...

Hi Denise, we are friends of Andrew Wagner and saw your website on his site. I just wanted to let you know that your prescious boy will be in my prayers!


Christa b. said...

We are on our knees in prayer for sweet fletcher.

pyoung said...

Denise: I wanted to put the many thoughts and prayers going up for Fletcher from my friends on here for you:

You know Paula, when a situation becomes so complicated and my mind begins to go in so many directions I always just begin to pray, Father, your perfect Will be done in this one’s life. In that I am saying, His perfect will is always healing – spirit, soul & body. So, I pray for little Fletcher that our Father’s perfect will be done in his body – perfect healing, perfect peace, perfect understanding for the doctors and nurses as to how to care for him and how to bring God’s perfect healing into each needed area in Fletcher’s body. Perfect peace and rest to all involved and a surety that our Father’s perfect will is being carried out and soon we will see the manifestation of all that we have prayed for over this little guy. This little guy is so important to God and He has a wonderful plan for His life, so we will continue to intercede on his behalf – knowing God hears our prayers and answers them when we pray according to His Will. And we know that praying for Healing is His Perfect Will. Be not weary in doing right for in due season we will reap if we faint not. Crisis are not for the fainthearted – but God is able to bring stability to all and I pray that right now for all. Jesus is the Great Physician! ~Love Donna~

Just breaks my heart – I'm going to find a "quiet" place right now and pray …….. keep me posted. ~Norma~


As always I will keep your sweet nephew and his family in my prayers.

Thanks, Christina

He can count on me – and Bonnie and her prayer warriors and that’s a bunch, many of which follow Fletcher’s progress through me consistently and through his website. Bless his little heart, he is so strong!

Love you and God bless you, sweet friend, Donna Lay


Anonymous said...

Most definitely praying!!!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Heavenly Father,

I just want to thank you and praise you right now for the sweet friend I have made in Denise through her blog and her similar story to that of Ashley. I thank you God for orchestrating that post that showed our similarities and put us in touch. Lord, I pray right now for dear Fletcher. First for his comfort, Dear God. Just please help him to have calm with so many people attending to him right now, Lord, that he won't become scared. Pleae protect his body, Father and work right now on the areas, which YOU designed Lord, that need extra attention. We pray Father that his central line or any other temporary measure that must be used can be handled smoothly and that you will clear his body of all infections so that he may heal, Lord, especially as we are going into cold and flu season. Please guide and help Craig and Denise to know the right decisions to make for Fletcher, and be with his team of medical caregivers as well. And please, Lord, give calm to Maddie and Kayleigh as their brother faces these problems. Help them to be strong and not scared. Thank you Father for this sweet family and their testimony. We lift them each one up to your throne of grace. In Jesus name.

Kristin's Blog said...

Dear Jesus..please heal Fletcher of any infection that might be going on. Thank you for Fletcher and the blessing he is to everyone who meets him! Keep his precious family in your loving and tender arms.

GINGER said...

We are all praying for our sweet little Fletchie!!