Monday, November 3, 2008

Candy wrappers everywhere...

Well, Halloween has come and gone and the candy is slowly making it's way to all of our waistlines! Mostly mine I think! I can't walk past that candy and not pick up one or two pieces! Halloween always marks the beginning of the downward spiral of eating worse than I normally do. UGH!

Let's see...last Wednesday TCC had their little Harvest Festival. Fletcher had a great time. That evening our church had it's annual Holy Halloween. We made plans to check Fletcher out of TCC and spend the evening as a family. I got a call at about 2:30 from the school nurse informing me that Maddie was throwing up. I picked her up and cancelled our plans for going to Holy Halloween. Kayleigh went to help run a booth and hang out with friends. Maddie took about a three hour nap and woke up feeling great and she never threw up again. She was ready to put on her costume and head to church. I had to break the news that she wouldn't be able to go. She was sad but I promised her if she stayed well she could wear her costume to Bubba's on Halloween. That seemed to help. Maddie missed school the next day but she was perfectly fine all day.

Fletcher at Fall Festival (TCC)

On Friday, just as I promised we went to TCC. Now mind you, Fletcher was a complete toot and would not let me even put his 'Little Wild Man' Halloween shirt on him let alone a costume! One of my friends brought Fletcher a t-shirt that just had the body of Popeye on it. Fletcher would have been the perfect Popeye!Sadly, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. Oh well. After we left TCC Maddie and I headed over to see Mimi at her work. Maddie was a hit and everyone just doted all over her. Then my sister Kim called and invited us to trick or treat with some of the cousins. So we headed south and spent the evening with Kim, Kylie, K-Bub, Dawn, Mike, Zach, Amber, Matt, Gabe, Ryan and the Katybug! We had a blast and got a lot of candy! Kayleigh spent the night with her friend, Kelsey and they trick or treated in Kelsey's neighborhood.

My cute leopard!

The cousins

Maddie and Aunt Dawny's dog, Molly also in a leopard costume.

K-Bub (Joe Dirt) and Maddie

The Katybug and her mommy

Maddie and mommy

Last week was also Red Ribbon Week. Each day the kids were able to do some fun things. One day they were able to wear a hat and had black light bowling. They were also allowed to show support for there favorite team. Maddie wore a long sleeved OU shirt (no picture of that day) They also got to wear camo, this was the day Maddie stayed home. And on Friday they wear asked to wear red.

Red Ribbon week

Hat day and black light bowling

Today Maddie is home from school again. She woke up at 4:00 this morning with a fever of 101.4. She's slept a lot today and her temp was down to 99.3 at noon. Which means no school tomorrow via the district rules of no temp for 24 hours. At this time we are both still in our pj's. Maddie is watching a lot of TV and I've been cleaning out my closet trying to get ready for a charity pick-up on Wednesday morning. Yesterday Kayleigh informed me she needed a black dress for a concert she's in Tuesday! Nice. So, I guess we'll be spending the latter part of the afternoon looking for a dress and shoes. I think it must be payback for doing the exact same thing to my mom several times during my jr high/high school years. I haven't seen Fletcher today but I've checked on him and he's doing well. I'll go up there after we find a dress.


Kristin's Blog said...

I got Shelby's costume at Cracker Barrel! Bargains are everywhere! Maddie looked very beautiful...let me know next time you have a sale!

oda41143 Missy said...

Love all the pics. YOU MUST FORCE FLETCHER TO TAKE THE POPEYE PICTURE. Cooper loves Popeye right now. The only problem is that Cooper keeps asking me about the pipe in his mouth. Good golly, what's a mom to do? I've told him the truth, but it's like I know what he's thinkging. Popeye is so strong.