Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Things are busy around here. We're gearing up for the holidays. It doesn't seem possible that Christmas could be 37 days away. So far all I've accomplished is my obsessive compulsion to have a family Christmas card photo made. You know the one, where every one's clothes have to match or coordinate in some way, the perfect place blah blah blah! Well, this year our friend, Sherry wanted to take our picture...OUTSIDE! We checked Fletcher out of TCC and headed to Sherry's neighborhood park. Fletcher loved the car ride and walking through the park. However, he hated getting out of his wheelchair and having his picture made! We did manage to get a few shots where he's not arching his back in a fit of anger! Oh well.

Kayleigh continues to enjoy school and her friends. She's such a social butterfly. She loves to go go go! This weekend her cell phone locked up on her so she was out of the loop for a few days. Good news her phone is fixed! Praise be!

Maddie's been quite the busy little beaver here the past few weeks. She received three awards at school last week. One was an attendance award for missing less than two days of school. Well, her friend Emma got a perfect attendance award. Neither one of the girls had any idea what attendance meant I guess because Maddie was sad that she didn't get a perfect announcement award! That girl! She also got to go to a birthday party where everyone wore their pajamas. That was lots of fun! She still loves her new desk. It's given all of us a little bit of quiet time. (wink wink) Maddie also found a Veggie Tales Silly Songs CD and she has literally been listening to it every chance she gets.

Fletcher is doing relatively well. He's having central line problems meaning it won't draw blood so he's having to be stuck for all his blood work each week. They are trying to limit his blood draws to as few as possible. I'm not sure what we'll do about that. I don't know if they'll want to replace it or not. He's got so much scar tissue he's running out of places to put them. So we'll see. He'll have his second Pamidronate therapy on Wednesday. It will run for three consecutive days this time. Please remember him him your prayers. We also plan to bring him home for Thanksgiving. We'll have a full house with Craig's parents and his sister Kristi and her family.

I have been busy at church, volunteering at Maddie's school, carpooling Kayleigh and her friends and of course, hanging out with Fletcher at TCC. I pulled out my canvases and paint yesterday afternoon. I'm working on a painting for my friend Steph's daughters nursery. It's definitely a work in progress but it feels good to be creative. Speaking of creative I have painted the master bathroom and I had a shower curtain and window treatment made. But the shower curtain isn't quite right and I'm trying to figure out what to do. So as soon as I get it all worked out I'll post some pictures.

Well, that's a lot of information for one sitting! So here's a little video of Fletcher from yesterday. He seems to have his days and nights mixed up and he's getting sleepy around 10:30 am. He was so sleepy when I was with him yesterday...


oda41143 Missy said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well. Maddie and Kayleigh are such beautiful little girls. I am praying for Fletcher as we speak! That scar tissue can be a pain in the fanny. I'm sorry that I giggled at the tought of him arching his back on you. What a typical little boy! Hang tough girlie!

Anonymous said...

Your video always make me miss the next moment. I can't wait to see the little booger in person. I, too, am praying for Fletcher about the central line. I only have 1 good draw vein and after a year of chemo, it now has scar tissue over it and gives the girls fits in the lab. Maddie's teeny-tiny body, an 11" piece of paper was bigger than her waist! I'm glad Kayleigh is happy in her life now. High school is a trip, man.
Love, the Lalli Family