Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh Maddie...

Maddie and I are spending another day at home. Yesterday she ran a fever all day and her fever must of broken sometime in the night. She woke up fever free and remains that way to this moment but she's been throwing up all day. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon so I can't imagine what she must be throwing up. She has laid on the couch for the entire day with her little throw up bucket. Are you wondering if I can say throw up one more time? I'm sure I can and will! :) Maddie is so somber and hasn't talked much today. I hope the throw up is over soon. :) It looks like we'll be missing school tomorrow as well. Poor thing! I'm not sure what you do when you're sick on the last of school. I guess I'll head up there in the morning and get her things. Well, please continue to pray for our girl. I really don't want her to be sick on her birthday!!


Christa b. said...

all this talk about throw up.
I hope she feels better soon if not for anything her birthday!!!

Anonymous said...
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