Monday, May 19, 2008

The BIG night...

Maddie's ballet recital went well on Saturday night. She looked so pretty and she danced beautifully. Maddie really loved wearing her beautiful costume and being able to wear make-up. Her class danced to 'Come, Now Is the Time to Worship'. How sweet to see these little girls worshipping through dance. We weren't allowed to video or take pictures during the recital. The middle pictures shows Maddie practicing in the dressing room before her performance. I hope she continues to enjoy ballet. I'm excited to see how far she'll go and if it will become her passion.

Roses after a great performance

Isn't she precious?

Mommy's little ballerina

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Michelle said...

Well you KNOW I am sooo proud to see those ballet shoes at work! :-) I hope it is her passion too! That totally cracked me up after I called you back in the dang middle of our recital! I am a total GOOBER! HAHA!! Tell the ballerina Millie LOVES her ballerina!!