Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lots going on...

The last few weeks have been filled with a lot of activity and we have enjoyed every minute of it! My Uncle Randy, Aunt Sandy, my cousin Aaron and Jonathan, my aunt and uncle's grandson came to OKC to visit. They always make a special trip to see Fletcher and this trip was no different. Fletcher loved playing ball with Uncle Randy and Aaron. I think they might have enjoyed it as well. Aunt Sandy and Johnathan had to wait in the lobby since Johnathan is only two years old. Maybe next time they can ALL visit. It's always good to see family!

Fletcher, Aaron, & Uncle Randy

Fletcher playing with Aaron's hat

I'm sure you've all been wondering about baby Lucille. Well, Lucille had a horrible accident the first day Kayleigh took her to school. One of Kayleigh's friends was pretending to throw Lucille and he crushed her!!! Thankfully Kayleigh's teacher let her make another baby. Softball is in full swing right now. Kayleigh is playing several positions but prefers left field. Hmmm...I wonder if that has anything to do with that blonde hair! So far she has played 3rd base, short stop and catcher. She just feels more comfortable in the out field. Last night Kayleigh's BFF Vanessa spent the night and they made t-shirts for their small group at church. We always have so much fun with Kayleigh and Vanessa. They are so much alike and Vanessa is a true friend to Kayleigh. After dinner we made s'mores out on the patio in our chimenea. It was great fun.

Poor Lucille

My softball player...ain't she cute!

On our way to church

Maddie had her last Girl Scout meeting for the year Thursday night. She was really sad that she has to wait until school starts in fall to go back. Me, I'm thankful for the break! At the last meeting they made 'edible fire'. It was made from all kinds of snack foods and as they built the fire the leader explained how to make a camp fire. For example they unrolled a fruit roll-up and that was the clearing, they used mini marshmallow for the rocks, etc. Pretty neat. One of Maddie's little Daisy friends said, "I can't believe we're going to make edible fire!" and I asked her if she knew what edible meant and she said, "No" so I told her she could eat it and they all squealed with delight! It was hilarious! Saturday morning Maddie and I were the first ones awake so we decided to make breakfast. Maddie was a very good helper she cracked the eggs and put the biscuits on the cookie sheet. All of us haven't had breakfast together in a very long time. We really enjoyed our morning.

Edible fire

Making breakfast

Thursday TCC opened all the units! Maddie is now able to go and see her brother! Yay! Maddie wanted to see Fletcher the second she got out of school. He was as happy to see her as she was to see him. Maddie couldn't wait to get into his bed and she really wanted to read to him. It was so sweet. Friday I went to school with Fletcher for the first time in months. His schedule was changed around so much I don't even know what time he went to class, but since RSV is officially over things are getting back to normal. Anyhoo, I went to class with him and he picked the first song, 'Twinkle, twinkle little star". The only hand motion he does is the 'wonder what you are' and he taps his index finger on the side of his head. It is so very cute! Well, get a load of this...Friday for the very first time ever he moved his fingers at the time of the twinkle, twinkle part! Oh my goodness, I started crying when I realized what he was doing! I went straight out into the hall and called Craig. It is amazing how that little finger movement is such a blessing to us. It's not that he can't move his fingers, because he can. It's that he did it deliberately, at the right time and more than once! I have thought about all weekend and sung that song to him twenty times and he does it every time (if he wants too)! Tonight we all went up and saw Fletcher, he loved seeing his sisters.

My sweet kiddos

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Mayhem And Miracles said...

Awwwwww! The "twinkle, twinkle part made me cry." All I could think was how happy I am for you. I am SO HAPPY to hear that the units were opened and Annie was able to visit. I bet that helped Fletcher so much to have all his fun visitors!