Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Chew or Not to Chew...

February 16th? I can't believe it's been that long since I last updated. Sorry, friends! Things are busy around Casa Burns and we're just waiting for spring break so we can take a breath and relax.

Let's start at the top...last week Craig and I celebrated our 8th year of marriage. I was surprised that afternoon with a delivery of 8 gorgeous red roses. Craig also took me to dinner at Outback and we enjoyed a wonderful meal and great conversation as we reminisced over the last eight years. Boy have we had an interesting go at it!

Kayleigh recently enrolled in 10th grade! WOW! My baby's growing up! She's also very excited and ready for spring break. Kayleigh's grandparents are planning to come to OKC, spend the night and then head back to Mississippi with Kayleigh in tow. She is so excited to see her grandparents, aunt, uncle and all her childhood friends. It should be a great time for all involved.

Maddie is staying busy as well. She continues to love ballet and Girl Scouts and just finished selling 266 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Man am I glad that's over! Maddie is also doing very well in school. We had her parent teacher conference last week and she's already ready for 2nd grade! the end of 2nd grade there are 300 sight words she'll have to know and as of last week she knows 297 of them! Can you believe it? We are so proud of our little reader. It was such an encouraging conference. Mrs. Johnson said that Maddie isn't bored and that she's an appropriate 1st grader. That's great news I would hate for her to be bored at school she could probably stir up all kinds of trouble with too much time on her hands!

Fletcher is doing great and seems to be feeling well. Now that doesn't he isn't bored! Because that little toot is causing some problems for himself. Fletcher has a new tendency to chew on things when someone isn't paying attention to him. This seems to happen mostly on second shift (3p-11p) He's been chewing on his tubing and vent circuits. You see, if he chews just long enough and in the right spot his vent will alarm and someone will come to the rescue ie pay attention to him. Do you get where I'm going with this? He's intentionally making that alarm sound! The nurse practitioner had to have a serious talk with me last week informing me that Fletcher is a danger to himself! Think about it, if they don't get to him in time just about anything could happen. So, they're all working together to come up with some practical solutions such as sitting him up in his wheelchair, therapy schedule changes and a scheduled nap time each day. It seems to be working. Although now Fletcher is chewing on his sleeves and his loveys (burp cloths). So, we've started dressing him in short sleeves. I don't know what we'll do about the lovey. He sleeps with them and I don't know if emotionally I'm ready for him to give up the lovey! I took pictures of one of his loveys and a pajama top.

Well, I'm going to close for now we need to get to church. I just wanted to do a quick update so you all would know we hadn't fallen off the planet! We're all doing well just super busy! Have a great week!

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oda41143 Missy said...

I'm glad the girls are doing well. Congrats on 8 years with Craig, that's wonderful. I'm sorry that I giggled at Fletcher up until the dangerous part. Can they put something nasty tasting on the tubing to discourage him? You know like when kids bite there fingernails? Don't they make something like that? Fingers crossed you can stop the little booger butt soon. tee hee