Monday, February 16, 2009

Much love...

Well, we had a wonderful Valentine's Day with Fletcher here at home with us. I made beef enchiladas and salsa. I also made a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting! Yum-o! We just hung out and played with Fletcher most of the day. Craig's parents came over and joined us for dinner. It was a great day! Fletcher sat up in his high chair for quite a bit. At the end of the day we were practicing sitting up. Fletcher sat up unassisted for about 20 seconds! It was so amazing! We were able to catch it on video!!!

Three of my favorite Valentines!
Listening to sissy's ipod

Craig bought all three of his girls candy necklaces!

Our Valentine cake

Sitting up!!


Kristin's Blog said...

We are sitting in the PICU (me, Kristin and Jenny, Emilie, Amy J. and Maryanne) and we are clapping with joy! You make us proud buddy!

Jean Hailey said...

Awesome! And on Valentine's Day to boot.

Anonymous said...

This is tremendous! Thank You and today I thank God for technology to spread our joy so easily! Thank you Jesus for healing and strengthening our Fletcher boy!
I wanted to come by on Saturday, but couldn't arrange it, which probably would have gotten in the way of this marvelous moment. I'll do it someday if I have to rent a car and drive there my ownself! Love lots! Janet Lalli

Christa b. said...

that is SSSSOOO amazing!!!!!
thanks for the smile. I'm SO proud of fletcher! And i LOVED your candy necklaces! :)