Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sunday afternoon we took the girls to the Center to see Fletcher. We had planned on going to a family room like we had done in the past. So we got Fletcher all ready while the girls waited out in the hall. He was very excited to see his big sisters! When we got into the family room Fletcher started crying and shaking his head 'no, no, no.' We took that as 'get me out of here' so we walked the halls of TCC for about an hour. He loved being out of that unit. It's been weeks and weeks since he's been to school. Hopefully he'll go to school on Thursday. I decided that I would walk him around the building everyday so we won't end up with the 'no, no, no' business when he goes back to class. When Fletcher gets to upset that's when he starts having problems so I hope getting him out of the unit will help.

Maddie was cracking up her bubba!

When I arrived at TCC there were a lot of people waiting in the lobby. Well, they were waiting for Roy Williams who used to be a defensive back at OU and now he plays for the Dallas Cowboys! He was taking a tour of the facilities while Fletcher and I were taking our morning walk. Some of the TCC PR people introduced Fletcher and I to him and he seemed very nice. I wish we could've had Fletcher's picture taken with him. We did get an autograph football card. So that was neat.

We also had another treat today. My sweet friend Christa came to the Center to see Fletcher. I haven't seen her in over two years. It was such a blessing to get to sit and chat with her. Fletcher fell in love with Christa and showed her all his tricks! All this in an hour and a half! It was a busy morning at TCC!

So sweet! Christa and Fletcher


Cindi said...


Christa is my cousin. She introduced me to your blog through hers several months ago and I have prayed for you daily since then. I love to check in from time to time and see how Fletcher is doing. It was a nice surprise to check today and find a picture of Christa with Fletcher. I am sad she is leaving and moving back to Tennessee, but I know God has great things in store for her and Paul. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the nice surprise. You are an amazing woman and Mom. May God hold you close and give you strength. Your blogging friend from Weatherford, Cindi

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hi Denise,

I know I have been so disconected from the blog world lately, but today I had a few minutes and one of the first places I wanted to visit was your site and Fletcher. I am glad to see him smiling so joyfully. I have to tell you that our LOOOOOOONG dragging winter has been getting us down over here what with hubby missing so much work and us going into the poor house. But even more than that, I was praising God for my FREEDOM to move about and spend so much time with my hubby and that got me to REALLY pleading for Spring to come. It can't be any fun to be stuck in one place for so long. So we are praying for sweet Mr. Fletcher and hoping that all the yuckies soon go away!

Natalie Witcher said...

Love the laughing! Yeah, that Big Sister makes all of us laugh!

Susie said...

What a treat to see your friend and get that special time with her and your sweet boy. I also love that Fletcher had a chance to meet Roy Williams. My husband and I are huge Cowboy fans. Well, I'm a fan, and my husband is an obsessed fan. Love that Fletcher has the biggest smile!