Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today we celebrate seven years of wedded bliss! It’s hard to believe all that we’ve been through in these seven years! I couldn't have asked for a better companion for this journey. Craig, you are truly wonderful and I love you more than words can express. You have been faithful, kind, loving, unselfish, a great provider for our family, a treasured friend and oh so funny! You are a blessing and I love you so very much!







The BIG day! 2/24/01

Why I love him so? He's a wonderful husband and daddy...


Michelle said...

ahhhhh HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! I remember the day well!!! Much love to you both!!

Millicent BURNS!! :-) Only the 2 of us can appreciate that, oh and La! HAHA LOVE YOU!

Michelle said...
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Sniz said...

What wonderful pictures. You two make a beautiful couple. Thanks for posting this.

Heather Nazworth said...

Congratulations!! The two of you were meant to be together. You go so well! We love you.

Susie said...

Love the pictures! Happy Late Anniversary to you both(o:

Natalie Witcher said...

We'll aren't y'all good lookin!