Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The last few days...

Well, it's been kind of quiet around here this week, which is perfectly fine with me! On Monday I had a surge of energy and Maddie and I baked sugar cookies and she frosted and decorated them. That was a lot of fun and something we should do more often.


A couple of weeks ago Maddie and I went shopping to find her a new winter coat. She decided months ago that she 'hated her coat'. So I was sure at this time of year we'd find a deal. We went to the mall, and we started our journey to find a coat on sale. Well, she wanted something in every store we entered. I told her no in every store telling her she was going to get a coat. She didn't want a coat, of course. I was getting on her nerves and she was really getting on my nerves! Our last stop was Dillard's so we headed to the children's department. As I looked at coats she looked at clothes, she loves clothes right now. Well, I found the perfect pink coat and she found the perfect shirt, purse, dress, get the picture! I kept telling her no, you're getting this cute coat. Well, my sweet, in need of a major nap, daughter proceeds to scream and throw a fit. I was mortified so I grabbed her by the arm and swatted her bottom. I was sure security was going to come and throw me in jail for correcting my child! Alas they did not. Maddie, of course, straightened up and tried on the darling little coat I found for $14.99! But do you know what I did? She found a cute top an sale and I BOUGHT it! What is wrong with me? I had totally encouraged that bratty behavior! I beat myself up the whole way home and decided I wouldn't give her the shirt until I wanted to. I don't know if that helped but it made me feel better about it!

The infamous top!

It's official, Guitar Hero has taken over our house, our evenings and any free time we have. Kayleigh is exceptionally good at it and is about to finish up the 'hard level' and move onto expert! Craig is playing on medium and headed straight for hard! Maddie is on medium also, it's pretty cute watching her play. I can't believe it but I have been sucked into this game as well. And I am REALLY bad at it!

Fletcher is having a good week. It started out kind of rough for him but by Tuesday he felt better. You might remember that Fletcher doesn't take anything by mouth, no food or drink. Well, before we went to the hosptial giving him water in a syringe was one of two things that would calm him down, me rubbing lotion on his face and head was the other. After a couple of weeks of giving him water his desire for it stopped. Last week he started wanting water again. Fletcher is on fluid restriction, because of his electrolyte situation. Well, he gets so mad everytime someone flushes his g-tube with water and doesn't give him the syringe. He cries and hits at you if you don't give him what he wants! It's really kind of sad! But it's for his good. We sure don't want to add to his medical problems, he has enough on his plate! Fletcher hasn't been out of his unit in over two weeks, I'm hoping tomorrow I can take him for a walk in his wheelchair. He definitely needs a change of scenery. Well, that's all for now. I hope you all have a great week!


Kristi said...

Oh Maddie Burns...your mother will give you the curse. You know, "When you grow up, I hope you have a child just like you!"

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I HATE how we have to live out the punishment WITH the child sometimes! Especially when I want to see them in the cute clothes! When they were younger, we would restrict them from going with us somewhere special if they hadn't done all that they were told. It took about three times for them to get the picture, while I stayed home with them for supervision, of course, but now they totally believe us when we forewarn a consequence and they are great kids. I am sure hoping that Fletcher will be able to get out soon. I am SO READY for Spring and I'm sure he is as well so he can have more freedom. Bless his heart. It would be so hard to not understand that all those mean people really have good intentions. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Ann Louise. I am a student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. I was in my introduction to speech pathology class yesterday and Fletcher's speech pathologist came to give a presentation. During the presentation, she gave us your website and told us that you did not mind people reading about Fletcher. Between classes yesterday, I looked at your website and I have been captivated ever since. I went back and read all of your posts.

I am a Christian and I feel like I must tell you how your family's story has inspired me. Reading through, I have been blessed so much in just the past two days. Being a 21-year-old college student, I tend to get caught up in my day to day concerns. I read your story and realized that you live with much bigger concerns every day but you trust the Lord with everything. Even your amazing little boy, who deals with much more than I can imagine, is always smiling the sweetest smile I've ever seen in your pictures.

I think that your family is great. Your little Fletcher is inspiring, your little girls are amazing, and you and your husband are incredible. Fletcher is such a fighter; he knows that God put him here for a purpose (my theory - to inspire) and he's going to fulfill it. Your daughters have more character than most people four times their age. They think of Fletcher only as their brother and don't seem to think of him in any different way. They don't seem to resent him for the extra attention he needs sometimes or because he can't live with you all. Every picture with him just shows their love for their baby brother. You and your husband spend any time you are able with him and make sure your girls get enough attention from you. Not all parents would be so devoted.

I have to tell you that I agree completely with you that Fletcher is a blessing. He knew that this sweet little boy would affect so many lives in such a great way even at sucha young age. The Lord also knew what a great family you all were so he knew that Fletcher would be well taken care of as your son.

I hope it's okay that I read your story. Since I've finished reading your posts, I can't wait for updates. Thank you so much for sharing your story and blessing me so much.

Sniz said...

Hey Sweetie,
The whole thing about the coat and the shirt happens regularly to me, and I think every parent. Every single time we go to Wal-mart or Target, the girls ask for something. The thing they ask for is usually small, never more than 5 dollars and sometimes a lot less, but I always think about how they don't take care of what they have already and how I vowed to myself that I wouldn't buy them anything, not even a 50 cent piece of candy, until they started taking better care of what they have and actually have appreciation for it. But when it's at the sticking point and they are being so cute standing there and I love them so much, I usually give in. I hate that sort of inconsistency in myself too and I always ask myself how will they ever learn? I don't know the answer either. I only know you are a great mom.

I hope you can take Fletcher for a walk. I love the mental picture of you rubbing lotion on his face.

Criddel1987 said...

Hey Denise.. I know u dont know me... My name is crystal... my baby was in the PICU august to almost febuary.. his name is Damian.. he was in bed 5.... anyways so him and fletcher were there together at least a couple times i think.. everyone told me how much our babies reminded them of eachother.. and how adorable fletcher is..and i really hope u dont mind me commenting on ur page.. i just wanted to tell you that i think you are an amazing mom.. and an inspiration.. not many people could do what u do for ur childeren as well as u do with the same enthusiasm.. its incredible.. and i know sometimes the road ahead seems bumpy but just remember, God's lookin out!