Sunday, December 16, 2007

Maddie's Christmas program

This morning Maddie and all her friends at church put on their annual Christmas program. Maddie had about four lines and remembered each one and said them when she was supposed too! We were really proud of her! Maddie played a girl named Maria and her first line was 'Hola, Pablo!' It was pretty hysterical! She wore a pink fleece poncho (with lots of static electricity!) I think the poncho was her favorite part of the whole process! The director of the play very graciously let Maddie have the poncho, she wanted to sleep in it today during her nap!


Millie said...

I LOVE IT!! I'm VERY VERY PROUD of her!! :-)

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Hi Denise,
I've missed you immensely while our internet was down and I was so eager to come and see how you fared the storm. Instead I found the post on Fletcher's MRI. Wow. I am surprised and hurt for you to have to process this kind of news. But your post was beautiful and your grace once again shined through. (And yes, Jesus' grace did too - you are always so faithful in that. :) I am going to step up the prayers for that sweet adorable boy of yours. He is so awesome! You worded so well the confusion about how to pray when God's capabilities may not be His perfect will. I have thought about that so many times in other situations and didn't know how to word it where it made sense. That's why I'm so glad God knows our HEARTS, even when we don't know what are the right words. O.K. After the holidays, we need to meet up somewhere! Have a good talk about all the fun that happened at your house over Christmas! I'm praying it's so wonderful for all of you! Love ya. Nikki (Since it never shows up.)

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that in the pictures Maddie stands out from all of the other children???? She is so cute! I have a feeling she will be the star in many more plays at school and church.
I am so happy that Fletcher will be home with his family on Christmas morning. I am praying for you guys and all of the tough decisions you will be making. Have a Merry Christmas!
Angie (Kristis' Angie) LOL