Monday, October 22, 2007

My first blog award...

How exciting that I would be given an 'I'm Fabulous Award'! My sweet friend Sniz nominated and gave me this award! Obviously she thinks I'm fabulous and I think she's pretty awesome too! Thanks, Sniz! There are no rules for this award I can give it to anyone I'd like. I decided I would give them to Fabulous Mom Bloggers. I have chose three moms I admire a lot. My niece
Amber , my super funny friend Millie and one of my newest friends Susie these girls are truly fabulous moms!

Sniz also sent me another meme it's called Seven True Things About Me. So here they are...

1) I love my family and would do anything for them.
2) I love to laugh especially with my sisters!
3) I used to be a good listener, now I'm easily distracted.
4) I love getting a manicure and pedicure! What a treat!
5) I'm too sarcastic sometimes.
6) I'm easily overwhelmed.
7) I'm extremely insecure, but serve an amazingly confident God!

Now I'm supposed to tag seven people... Millie , Kristin , Kacie , Kayleigh , Kristin C , Christa and Traci Tag, you're it!


Unknown said...

I'm with you on the dis tractable one!!! (and a few others!) You did a great job, NeeNee! Glad you finally got your award!

Susie said...

Wow, thank you so much for this precious award. I love it! I would have to say, however, that it would be YOU who is a great mom.

Kristin's Blog said...

I did the game Denise...check it out on my blog!