Thursday, October 11, 2007

Daddy's turn...

Today Craig came to TCC on his lunch to be 'trained' to feed Fletcher. Craig now has a new appreciation for how difficult it is to feed that boy! But he now has the training to feed Fletcher and will take over his PO feedings when the units are closed due to RSV. As soon as the first case of RSV takes place TCC will 'close' all of the units and no one under the age of twelve will be allowed into the units. So, that means I will not be able to see Fletcher in the afternoons because Maddie can't come into his unit. We decided that Craig will feed Fletcher in the evenings. I really think this will be great for the two of them. I get to do so much with Fletcher like go to school with him and help in his therapies and Craig doesn't. I'm excited for my boys!

He really doesn't want that bite, daddy!

I love the way Fletcher is holding onto Craig's finger! So sweet!

As Maddie would say, 'Mommy you're in love with Bubba's feet and hands!"


Anonymous said...

The hands!Such trust! Precious...
What an honor for Craig, being the priest of your home, to be able to participate in Flethers feeding. You all are truly blessed.


Unknown said...

Girl, these pictures are so cute, and yes, you are obsessed with his feet and hands, but that's OK. You know how you said you are always patient with Fletcher and never feel impatient or frustrated? I've been thinking about that. I have some thoughts...I'll share them with you personally. Oh, I'm game for St. about next summer?

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I LOOOOOOVE the last photo! That RSV is terrible! My friend's son got it several years ago and liked to never kick it! I am hoping he can stay free from it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my first comment!! =] How do I add your link to mine though??

And I loved that last post. So cute how he was holding his finger!! Too precious!

Love ya!