Thursday, June 28, 2007

Update on Fletcher's CT scan

Fletcher had a sedated CT scan this morning. We'll have to wait for the neurosurgeon to read it and give report to the doctor at the Center. This procedure did not happen without a few 'people problems.' One doctor came out and decided without even using a stethoscope, that Fletcher had 'crackles' which is indicative of pneumonia and "did not feel comfortable sedating him" and he walked away from us. Another doctor, who, by the way sedated Fletcher six months ago for his last CT scan decided he also was not comfortable sedating Fletcher for his scheduled sedated CT scan (to their credit, I will say that these doctors were radiologist.) So, after 2 hours they called an anesthesiologist to sedate him. Today Dr. Furman, walked up to Fletcher and me and asked a few questions and off we went. Dr. Furman was about 75 years old and completely unafraid of my sweet Fletcher. He was precious and was an answer to my prayers. This morning when I was on my way to TCC, as I prayed for Fletcher I specifically prayed that these people would treat him like their own child, that they would show him compassion and Dr. Furman did just that. A lot of the times when we go to any appointment people just stare at Fletcher and doctors make judgements about him that are unfounded just because he's different than the 'norm'. My problem with that is Fletcher is a sweet, smart little boy who deserves to be treated with respect. Someday he WILL realize that people are staring at him and talking about him. I'm not looking forward to that day. Thanks so much for praying for Fletcher today. All in all it went well. I'll update with the results when I know something.


pyoung said...

Denise: I am so very sorry that you have to experience these things from these "professionals", it is so terrible, unkind, disheartening and totally unprofessional! I just want to scream when I read your blog and I want to yell at these people - "DON'T YOU DO THIS TO OUR FLETCHER - YOU DON'T KNOW HIM - HE IS A WONDERFUL BOY AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TREAT HIM THIS WAY - YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP HIM - YOU ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! AND DON'T YOU TREAT MY SISTER THIS WAY! SHE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, CARING, KIND AND PATIENT PARENT THAT THERE IS IN THIS WORLD AND SHE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS TREATMENT FROM YOU - YOU HELP HER SON - DO NOT JUST WALK AWAY - HOW DARE YOU! And then, I read these scriptures...
John 16:33 "...In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

1 John 4:4 "You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

...and I have to meditate on these Words from HIM and know that these people don't know Christ so they cannot see our Fletcher and see past the outer appearance of our boy and won't take time to know the inside, the inner beauty of the personality plus that he has, the intelligence that exudes out of him and that is their loss. And they won't take the time to find out what a beautiful, wonderful, kind, loving, patient and informed, amazing mother my sister is and you know that is all to their GOD sent this wonderful Doctor into my your life that came alongside you and helped you through your day and he was able to appreciate you and Fletcher through his wisdom and years on this earth and I praise God for that and thank Him!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! :)paula

Kristi said...


God couldn't have brought a better mother to Fletcher. Our children are much stronger than we think and our Fletcher is such a testament to God's grace. Someday, those people will understand! Love you girl!

randy said...

I'm looking for the day when Fletcher looks at others and says, "Why aren't you like me?,Kind, Loving, Wonderful, Sweet, and FULL of God's Grace and Love!" Then watch those whose faces turn downward in shame. AMEN! You Go Fletcher!!!! Uncle Randy.