Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fletcher is driving!

Last week Fletcher's physical therapist hooked him up with a power chair! And he can really drive it! Yesterday was the first time I was able to see him drive and it was such a hoot! He drove to school and as he was taking his time getting there he saw a lot of his friends so he showed off for all of them! I am amazed at how smart he is, he knows how to maneuver the joy stick to make it go forward, he still needs help to stay away from the walls, but for the most part he's got it down! Fletcher LOVES that chair and he's obviously proud to be independent. If we can figure out how to get video on this blog we'll load the video I took yesterday. I gave Fletcher a haircut today, a summer cut, a burr basically. After I finished cutting his hair I cried, saying what I have done? And that made Fletcher cry! It's so short, but it's so cute! Tomorrow Fletcher is having outpatient surgery at Baptist. He has a central line called a Hickman, which we use to give him IV meds, well the tubing has a hole in it so the line has to be surgically removed and replaced. The surgery is a 10:00 am tomorrow. We'd appreciate your prayers.

Kayleigh has been at camp since last Saturday and is on her way home right now. We can't wait to see her. Craig is sure he's forgotten what she looks like because she's been gone so long! Maddie has been praying every night for her sister to come home safely on Wednesday! And me? I've been praying for her to know Jesus in a more intimate way! And for a safe trip, of course!

Maddie has been busy this week. On Monday she was able to play with two of her friends, Annaliese and Justus and she came home with a new pair of old crocs! Yesterday and today she was able to stay with her cousins and play, play, play! She loves her cousins Devon, Megan and EmiLee! Tomorrow she'll get to stay at home with Kayleigh while we're at the hospital with Bubba! She's also been able to see Fletcher a lot since school is out. I think he really enjoys getting to hang out with Maddie. She loves to play with him and she loves to be in his bed with him!

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Unknown said...

Way to go Fletcher!! Sweet picture of Maddie and Fletcher. Where is your post about the baseball game...aren't you supposed to be promoting it on your blog?