Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Maddie turned 5 years old yesterday! When she was about 3 she wanted to chew some gum and I wouldn't let her, I told her when she was 5 she could then chew gum. Well, Maddie held me to that promise. Craig, Kayleigh and I woke up early and went into Maddie's room to wake her up and say happy birthday, Maddie's first words were, 'after I eat some cereal, I'm gonna chew some gum!' So, true to her word, the moment she finished her breakfast she chewed the gum Kayleigh got her for her birthday! Maddie had a great day. I took cupcakes to her school, after school she got to have lunch with three of her favorite friends, Carder, Max and Zeke. They went to Chic Fil A and had a lot of fun together. I picked her up and took her to the doctor for her 5 year well-child appointment, Maddie got one shot, probably not the best part of her day! What was I thinking making her well-child appointment on her actual birthday?! We also went to church, it was a very busy day. Saturday Maddie will have her first 'real' birthday party, which means she gets to have friends at her party not just family! We are having it at PUMP IT UP a really cool party place with tons of inflatables! I have invited about 24 children! WOW! What was I thinking? Really, it should be lots of fun. I'll post some pictures after the big day! Need to go for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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