Friday, May 11, 2007

That Maddie!

Just a few Maddie funnies, before I completely forget them! Tuesday morning when I picked Maddie up from school she was sitting in the back seat telling me about her day, what she wanted for lunch and then out of the blue she says, 'One day this week let's go to Disney World.' I told her I thought that was a fabulous idea! As she thought about it some more she decided she wanted to wait until Bubba wasn't on oxygen and that would be in about 100 days! So thoughtful, thinking of Bubba that way!

Last night Kayleigh was working on a paper for school about the Dust Bowl. Well, Craig was working with her on the computer and a discussion about all the dust came up. Somehow out of that conversation Maddie says to Kayleigh, 'Don't you know people are made out of dust, bones and ribs, Kayleigh!' I said to Maddie, 'How do you know that?" And she said, 'because my Bible tells me so!' I said, 'where does it say that?' She promptly went and got her children's Bible and found the page that the story of Adam and Eve was on and it said God made Adam out of the dust. 'See, Mom I told you so!' You go girl! As funny as it was I was really proud of her incredible memory!

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Carol Sommer said...

I must have taught her that! Right before she fell off Justus' bed and bashed her head!!! See the "accident" only helped to fecundate her mind.